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VNAF ONE's Activity

Post by VNAF ONE » Sat Dec 05, 2015 8:13 pm

This topic is to separate discussion of my activity from that of the Staff System thread.

Here's a paragraph I'm providing of the very much Private Message between myself and another user.
I have in some fashion stepped away from YSFHQ . . . most likely permanently. Doesn't mean I'll be gone, but I won't be putting in any effort to affect the game without some sort of return on investment if you catch my drift. This also means I probably won't release or work on any maps from now on. I may get the new 49th map out this year if I get time to work on it. I also won't be doing anymore air shows unless I really really want to do AirFest again next year. I'll only do that if I see enough people eager to participate in that.
Now, I will explain this because I basically have to. This doesn't mean I'm leaving YS at all and that was never stated. It means I'm stepping back from trying to out-do myself here. That means I'm not going to try to market YS on the same level, provide events and activities on the same level, and definitely participate in this forum (by posting several times a day) on the same level if I feel I am just going to be pushed around as I am now like I'm worth nothing. I never said I would not do my job as a staff member here and never considered not doing my job. We can all agree the forum has not been as active in the realms I normally participate lately, so pardon my appearance at being inactive. If I were ever given a chance to explain myself beforehand, none of this would've ever happened.

As for map-making, that is true. I have gotten a little bored of making maps and they take so much personal time that I need for school that I don't have any interest doing them anymore. I have been mapmaking for almost 5 years.

For running air shows, I can't explain how much personal time I must take to make those happen but I know some people who do understand. We are all adults now and that's why you don't see lots of air shows anymore.
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