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My time here is done...

Posted: Mon Oct 08, 2018 8:14 am
by Ace Lord
Though t's quite clear that I do not post here very much anymore and have mainly stuck to spambot control, the following statements deserve to be made...

First of all, my absence in the polls for the latest round of staff elections was deliberate and not the result of missing the deadline due to inactivity or lack of dedication to the job, as other current staff members can attest. As for my reasoning behind this, well that takes much more to explain, but I'll try to be brief about it.

Over the past eight months a series of rather fortunate events have occurred in my life which are forcing my departure from not only the elected staff, but YS in general. It wouldn't be an exaggeration for me to say that I've had a really busy summer not only settling into a new job and a house of my own, but on top of that I finally married my longtime girlfriend after dragging my feet on the subject for many years. The last of these events, fatherhood, is occurring a bit sooner than I expected but I'm ready as can be for whatever special package(s) are on the way in the next 8 months.

Secondary factors in my departure include, but aren't limited to the following: (1) I now feel as if all of the sub-communities on HQ no longer have enough collective steam/momentum to keep things going...Much of the veteran aerobatic talent has transferred elsewhere or is dedicated to real life ventures and the old guard "establishment" combat groups no longer have any organized competition without reverting to ye olde days of fighting each other. (2) YS itself has become increasingly bugged and inefficient in it's use of computer resources and (3) With Flake's hiatus / permanent departure from working on the OpenYS project, whatever the case may be, any hopes I held of resuscitating the online aspects of the sim have been well and truly dashed.

It's been a real pleasure to be a part of this community and to have known many of it's esteemed members. I can say with high certainly that no other community I've been a part of has characters quite as colorful as those of HQ, and that alone will keep me lurking around so long as those individuals remain here. Until next time, skies blue everyone.

Re: My time here is done...

Posted: Tue Oct 09, 2018 8:03 pm
by tigershark
other ace leaves to open skies of life. it was great knowing you and it was fun watching you in ysflight aerobatics. you have made great history to ysflight and you be always be remembered by the legend on Ysfhq. hopefully one day you might come back and say hi. enjoy life because you only live ones.

Re: My time here is done...

Posted: Wed Oct 10, 2018 6:54 pm
by u2fly
So many skilled YSFlight pilots retired in one week...