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[Sh*t] Thoughts on YSFlight?

Posted: Thu Dec 06, 2018 12:20 pm
by DD-Destroyer
Pre-summary : The lefts stay left but, find your own way.
The leavings start to leave, but don't say anymore.

What are you doing? Damn, I'm very sad that my first language is not delivered to you though I want to deliver 100% meanings of my shouting. Writing in Korean can't be any solution that I KNOW!!! 젠장!!!!!

I don't want to blame anyone. But if it is not agreed with any democratic procedure, please leave your opinion as opinion. I think nobody is doubt unsatisfied experience of current YS.

However, someones are doing for something better, also YSFlight Korea does. You can blame Prof. Soji, but for others please don't. If you think YS is dead, log-out and don't comeback. Tell everyone "YS is Dead" in outside of YSFHQ has what means?

Reviving and make useful looks unnecessary but if you want to say like this, go somewhere except here!

You don't have to do. Just laugh and tell us "What you are doing is dead" in other communities