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[simulator] MScSim – real-time flight dynamics simulation software

Posted: Sun Dec 01, 2019 4:14 am
by u2fly
MScSim is real-time flight dynamics simulation software, fully free & open-source written in C++/Qt Image

MScSim flight simulator version 0.2 released with new features: C-130 model, P-51 model, Cessna 172 autopilot, navigation aids data, upgraded EFIS, map, etc.

Linux deb package requires additional data package (mscsim-data). Windows installer contains all necessary data.

MScSim flight simulator version 0.2 data release, including C-130, Cessna 172, F-16, P-51 and UH-60, high resolution photorealistic O'ahu terrain data, medium resolution Hawaii terrain data, low resolution World terrain data, O'ahu navigation aids data.