AM3 forum is trash

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AM3 forum is trash

Post by Not1011 » Mon Feb 11, 2019 2:10 am

My "I just noticed this..." thread is now past the gravedigging time limit, so I have to make a new thread for this. Airline Manager 3's forum is pure garbage. I made a post on a thread by this player, Chieftain Airlines, about just how bad this issue is, and responded in a frank manner, yet this player, Air Americana, came on and started bashing both me and Chieftain for wanting to be "spoon fed". Air Americana also went on a thread made by me about reputation in the game, and he told me, "What do the guides say?" The guides have little about reputation, yet he very arrogantly told me to look in the guides. The forum is a watered down version of the various Linux forums, which are ridiculously bad. In another post on that forum, "Sukhoi KR860", I stated my opinion that the KR860 is better than the A380. I was being truthful and frank, yet a few angry players came on and obliterated me, not least of which was Air Americana and Global Alliance. I know I might get warned here for double posting or whatever other violation I did, but I had to vent my anger with the forum, because I have nowhere else to vent, literally.
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Re: AM3 forum is trash

Post by Welshy » Mon Feb 11, 2019 3:41 am

Hate to say it but who cares? The forum isn't here just so you can vent

Also if you think you might be breaking a rule don't do something! You're showing utter contempt acting in this manner
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Re: AM3 forum is trash

Post by Flake » Wed Feb 13, 2019 1:19 am

I am an accountant working full-time (and some). I'm not here as often as I would like to be. Send a message if you need me. There are a few people in the community who can get in contact with me urgently if you need - don't be afraid to ask. I just don't check here as frequently as I used to. Sorry!

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