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Art competition 2014

Posted: Sun Feb 09, 2014 4:11 pm
by tigershark
Hi and welcome to Art competition 2014. I wanted to your see your typt of that match the five importent aspects.
This competition might help you to imporve you are skills abit more. Plus it can help me and you to understand art
to be little bit more fun.

To enter Art competition 2014 post 1 of your picture to enter. With a title and a descripsion to explane and undstand
why you done that art picture. The competition end in Monday 31st March 2014. The Judge can deside after the 31st March.
Thank you entering and good luck.


style art can be detail or very undetail. There is very differnt style of art becuase the artist choose they
point of style like: cartoon, real, pattern and tons more to choose from.

detail in art can be very importent becuase there is shading,light and dark, 3d, image and lot more. The detail in art
can be hard so many artist don't have enouth time to put but detail in they drawing becuase it hard to learn.

skill in art is any level. kids art can be fun and canda cool looking becuase there is alot of creativity in to it.
pen and paper art is how much detail you put on paper. computer like the top picture is style.

Creativity is having alot of idea and planning what your drawing or doing a art picture. Creativity can be yuor own world
but it can be typt of thing.

death mean, how to make poelple look at your pictures.To see how he or she what can of style, detail, improve skills
and creativity in one picture.

The person that be picket as a winner can be in my next art picture. maining they drawing will be in my picture.

The runner up get a art picture from greenhorn.

Judge for art cometition is


Re: Art competition 2014

Posted: Sun Feb 09, 2014 11:33 pm
by wolfman
this is a great idea! i would try but dont know how and i love the image with the shark looking at the pilot so awesome!!

Re: Art competition 2014

Posted: Mon Feb 10, 2014 9:34 am
by Flake
Are you dictating to your computer per chance? ie: text to speech recognition? because that would really explain so very very much.

For example: Depth appears to be autocorrected to "death".