[Program] YS QRADAR

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[Program] YS QRADAR

Post by Skipper »

This is something I've been working on for the last week or so, so I thought I'd give you a sneak peak before release.
If you're on the discord, you may have seen some of the progress on this:
View of HNL (and the UI)
Wider view of Oahu,
Just taken off from Kona.

The main features currently implemented:
  • Connection to a YS server (currently hardcoded to localhost for testing, but the menus etc are all set up ready, it was just a pain to keep typing it in for testing)
    Recording all the ground objects, users and aircraft from the server
    Ground objects are mapped on to the radar display (but only if they're nav objects, so ILS, VOR, NDB - currently only vanilla ones, but extras can just be added to the search string)
    mapping the planes to the map, with labels to indicate airspeed, altitude and username (mainly AI at testing!)
    Functions are there to change username to a callsign on the radar display, so you can set custom ones (Squawk!)
    Aircraft are added to the table on the right, currently it just added any new planes, but isn't updating, but it's a proof of concept. Future plans for this are to make it zoom to the plane if you click on it, and have an edit function to assign callsigns
    Converting the .fld to the radar basemap - this isn't without significant flaws, hence why it's so faded out, so it's just an idea of the basemap! The rectangular areas worked well though, so runways and taxiways look good! (as long as you haven't set the whole map to rectangular region). This was made yesterday/day before, and I am very tired from working late nights on this, so the function for this is flawed at best... I'll rework it one day, but for now, it's pretty good, and you're not looking at the ground anyway!

    Zooming and panning of the radar screen, which should not be too much to ask, but took me about 5h to implement....

It is very much an early works at the moment, but I thought I'd share!
Oh, and hello everyone! Hope you're all doing well, not seen you for a LONG time.
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Re: [Program] YS QRADAR

Post by u2fly »

Skipper wrote: Thu Mar 16, 2023 7:43 pm It is very much an early works at the moment, but I thought I'd share!
Oh, and hello everyone! Hope you're all doing well, not seen you for a LONG time.
We with Decaff once tried to create something like ATC Radar years ago using Python3 with Tkinter-based GUI, but unfinished: viewtopic.php?p=97020#p97020

Then Decaff created amazing YS Flight Log Tool that generates nice flight maps from YFS files: viewtopic.php?p=119758#p119758

Wish You get a success with YS QRADAR project!

(And as YSFlight is opensource software now, maybe one day such radar would be implemented as a native UI panel in YSFlight too: viewtopic.php?p=119623#p119623)

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