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Minimum Requirements

Posted: Thu Oct 20, 2011 5:11 am
by wingzfan99
If we're gonna do this, let's discuss what the map needs to have at minimum. My suggestions:

10-15 airports, at least 4 of which can support larger aircraft
At least 3 routes that will take 45 minutes or more to fly
Minimal ground objects (to reduce lag), no ground weapons (duh)
At least 1 military base at either end of the map (lets give them something, too).

Your thoughts?

Re: Minimum Requirements

Posted: Thu Oct 20, 2011 5:38 am
by Iceman
A military and a civilian half or something.

Re: Minimum Requirements

Posted: Thu Oct 20, 2011 9:44 am
by Midnight Rambler
Oh... Just so we're all on the same path:

vandal wrote:Add me to MSN. [email protected]
And we can talk about making the super map. I was thinking of making it up of the stock maps with the largest ones being the main ones and around 20-60 min flight between them, and the smaller islands dotted between.

My plan is to make them, then edit them over the near future adding more detail etc. So that we will start off with stock but end up with detailed map when we get to it.

The main aim of the map is to use one map that suits the need of all. So that civilian fly along side the military with out being bothered.

I was thinking if I make the map maybe you can make the charts? Maybe if we have one large chart for the whole map then smaller charts for each island?

The map will have most the stock maps, with a dedicated military area off bounds to civilian flights. Unless they want to be shot down.

My idea is that each VA and squad can have a base on the map. The VA's can pick one of the civilian airports as a base and edit it to their needs. They have to keep the original airport as it is but can add to it if they wish.

So E.g Vandal VA pick an airport with one runway and one apron area. They have to keep the original airport but get to add hangers and two terminals to their base. They get bigger, so wish to add another runway and another terminal area. If they can state their case enough then their wish will be granted.

It will be like Heathrow and Gatwick. Heathrow is basically run by BA and Gatwick by Virgin but they still fly from each. So even though it's your base, you have to have an area for other airlines to park, this can have no terminal and be serviced by buses, or the VA can request to have a hub terminal built (a small one). Maybe limit each airline how many hub terminals they can have? Maybe 1 for every 5 members? Honolulu Airport and Heathrow airport are neutral airports, each VA will have their own terminal area at both, that does not count against their hub allowance.

Each squad can also have a base on the map, either a land base or a carrier. Not both. A squad can share a base with a VA, so that airports then turns into a civilian and military base, the plus side to this is that you have more reason to expand your airport since it is duel purpose. If a squad requires a land base along side a carrier they must share with another squad or VA that has a land base, but the group that runs the base must agree. The group running the base also decides where and how big the area is. A squad can share a base with a VA, so that airports then turns into a civilian and military base, the plus side to this is that you have more reason to expand your airport since it is duel purpose. In a mixed airport, the VA has overall authority over the base, and more than one squad can have it as a base.

There will be a military zone made of two islands, one on IFF 2 and one on IFF 3, this allows for squad battles. Each island will have a neutral base on that is military only and unable to be claimed as a home base. These bases will be away form the IFF2 or 3 areas so that it can be used as a base on military ops with IFF2 and 3 objects not being a threat at take off or landing.

So the rules of running an airport:
1: You can not stop any air line or squad from using your airport
2:You must allow each VA at least 1 hub terminal at your airport, although you choose where it goes. If both VA's can not agree to this then YSFHA Civ section staff will decide.
3: You can add runways and tarmac areas to your base, but must have a good reason to do so.
4: Choose wisely because you can not have more than one base or move base after picking.

Rules to hub airports:
1: You can have 1 hub airport for every 5 members you have
2: You can have a min of 1 hub terminal at every airport, if you wish to have more then you must ask for permission from airport owner.
3: You can suggest where you would like your terminal to go, but the the decision is down to the owners. If you can not resolve this matter than YSFHQ civ Staff will.

Squad base rules:
1:Only one base per squad. Either carrier or land.
2: If squad is based on a carrier they can have a small area on a land base at either another squad base or VA airport. Parent group decides the location and size of area.

Military zone rules:
1: Civilian aircraft in this area are not to complain if shot down by accident. Either by dog fighting aircraft or ground objects. This does not mean they are to be targeted and civilian target rules are still there.
2: Any combat action outside this area that results in IFF1 or civilian kills will be punished.
3: ATC services have no authority over combat aircraft in this area. Unless they are AWAC and commanding their squad.

Tell me what you think? If you like it then I'll start work. Get the other civ staff on with it too. I think a map this this needs it own mini area in the civ area. We can have a topic for each airport with details about the airport and news.

So Aomori for example:
Topic title: Aomori Airport [Vandals VA]
Name: Aomori Airport
Owner: Vandal's VA
Runways: 06/24
Term' 1 - Vandals VA
Term' 2 - Vandals VA
Term' 3 - FAVA
Term' 4 - ATVA
Apron 1 - General aircraft and Vandal's VA maintenance hangers
Apron 2 - A cool squad + squad hangers.

[ground movement chart of airport, with all terminal and aprons labelled Term 1 Apron 1 etc]

Air port info:
Any resilient information about airport. e.g. Combat aircraft from squad to have take off priority for of scramble order.

28/10/2011: ATVA make Aomori a hub airport with their own terminal being built.
01/11/2011: Vandal's VA applied for planning permission for new runway South of original, heading 09/27. Reason " The airport is used by Vandal's VA, two other VA's and a squad. The Airport is busy and requires a 2nd runway to cope at busy times"
02/11/2011: Planning permission for new runway granted, expect in map monthly update.
Their will be a topic of each airport, and only mods can create new topics. But users can post in these topics to ask questions about the airport or contact the airport owners. Also owners can use it to submit planning permission.

I know it's a lot to read but I think once going it be good fun.

Re: Minimum Requirements

Posted: Thu Oct 20, 2011 7:30 pm
by wingzfan99
It's a big project, but I love where vandal wants to take it. It's going to be quite fun to fly on. I think it will be important, also, to set up a specific set of rules for the map (as vandal has started to do in that message), run it on an "official" server, and bring it under the control of the staff here, to keep things sane. Also, setting up some charts would be an awesome idea, especially ones which can indicate the "boundaries" of the civilian and military areas.

Re: Minimum Requirements

Posted: Thu Oct 27, 2011 8:24 am
by vandal
Update on the map. For the first version I want to work on reducing lag and also making Heathrow and Honolulu ready. Adding stp's. Also maybe the first chart? An iner island chart that is only concerned with getting your from one island to another? Once you are over an island it's easy to find your way around, but getting from one island to another is tricky. I don't know how or if we can extend the VOR ranges?

Re: Minimum Requirements

Posted: Thu Oct 27, 2011 12:09 pm
by Martin-Dutchie
AFAIK ranges of these ground objects can be found in the .dat file. Just make a revised ground objects pack that goes with the megamap. I would gladly take this part of the project in my projects schedule.

EDIT: Confirmed for VOR and NDB.

Re: Minimum Requirements

Posted: Thu Oct 27, 2011 2:21 pm
by halberdier25
Can we not have both Aomori and Tohoku in the same map? It's kind of redundant.

Re: Minimum Requirements

Posted: Thu Oct 27, 2011 5:53 pm
by vandal
Stop being grumpy, we have both. The north island will be known as New Aomori.

Re: Minimum Requirements

Posted: Thu Oct 27, 2011 8:13 pm
by wingzfan99
Just rotate one by 90 degrees and call it a day.

Re: Minimum Requirements

Posted: Thu Oct 27, 2011 8:15 pm
by halberdier25
Or decapitate Tohoku and sew on Aomori.

I feel like I'm saying "decapitate New England and sew on Maine".