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Post by u2fly » Sat Nov 28, 2015 9:47 am

Few times on YSFHQ forum I read about idea for ground object (carrier), that will follow user aircraft X and Y positions. It will be usefull for scenery with WATER regions where aircraft cant land by himself, and follower carrier is like "shadow" and when you try landing it will always be under your gears.
So here is idea for small ground object carrier.
Pavel Naumenko wrote:Concept ©AUTONOMOUS HOVERCRAFT PLATFORM (AHP) has been under development as part of the commercial offer on V-24 UAS (UAV is planned to be produced on the basis of V-24 Softex Aero).
Considering that V-24 UAS has Speed of Liftoff, Vso = 98 km/h with the maximum takeoff weight of 1,300 kg and the landing speed of 90 km/h, it enabled to use a hovercraft platform for the UAV take-off. The platform could be produced as unmanned (autonomous) or with a driver. AHP intends to use a high-speed “Arctic-2DK” (Russia) or analogous vessel as a prototype. The platform becomes a universal tool for taking off and landing of the following UAVs:
* General Atomics MQ-1 Predator US (max. Take-off weight = 1020 kg, Stall Speed , Vs₁ = 100 km/h),
* General Atomics MQ-1C Gray Eagle US (max. Take-off weight = 1633 kg, Stall Speed , Vs₁ = 100 km/h),
*TAI Anka Turkey (max. Take-off weight = 1600 kg, Stall Speed , Vs₁ ∼90 km/h) and similar types.
The hovecraft platform for taking off / landing of UAVs is transported on standard 10-meters trailers with MAN 33.350, URAL 44202 and other similar trucks.
Details about this prototype.

Also here are another project called "Hovercraft Autonomous Target Vehicle (HATV)" ... _Clapp.pdf
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