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AdityaB's Facility

Post by AdityaB » Mon Mar 21, 2016 9:14 am

Here is my WIP thread.... :P

This facility has been closed until further notice.

All works/requests/challenges/ have been brought to hold until further notice.

The mailbox (i mean the PM and email) is open and receiving letters (requests and challenges).

Thank you for your co-operation.

I am starting my University life. hence, i will be online most probably every 6 months for the next four years, unless i get a computer :P :)
Here is a list* of whatever I have released till date: SCENERY:
A) India:
1) Andaman and Nicobar Islands
2) Lakshadweep Islands
3) Chandigarh
4) South Karnataka
B) Bhutan:
1) Bhutan

A) South Asian Airlines:
1) B737
2) A320
3) A320neo
4) A319
5) ATR42
6) B787
7) E190
8) Q400
9) B777
10) ATR72
11) A321
12) A319
13) A330
14) CRJ 700
B) Indonesian Presedential Aircraft
C) Royal Brunei
D) Qatar Airways
E) Fly Blue Crane
F) Singapore Airlines
G) Korean Air
H) South Asian Defence Forces:
1) HAL Tejas
2) P-8I
3) L39
4) B737
5) Mig 21
6) F-7
7) PC-7
8) Mi-35
I) Thai Airways

1) i will be greatful to the server, if they install the aircraft/pack on their servers

To inform you about my present Work In Progress (WIP): 1) updates to my existing uploaded maps.
2) updates to my South Asian fleet packs (DF and Civil)
3) dbd000 request: ANZ pack, fern shrinkwrap not happening
4) Lucas challenge/request: Lockheed Electra L-118
5) u2fly challenge: An-32 scratch model
6)Najmi's Flanker detachment
7) Do228 scratch model
8) A Humungous Map (phase 1 over, three more phases to go)
9) Decal pack
10) Ground Objects Pack

and more........ :)
For everyone's information: 1) Anyone who seeks to repaint/mod aircraft...
(i) ...repainted by me, please ask the original authors mentioned in the thread's and packs for permission.
(ii)...a repaint of mine please inform or just give due credits..
(i)...modded by me, please inform or just give due credits..
(ii)... Created by me from scratch, please inform or just give due credits..
2) Anyone who seeks to edit a scenery of mine, please infrom and give due credits before you release them.

( I guess this would apply elsewhere too. ;) )
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