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Acf492 Showcase Server: For your awesome aircraft

Posted: Tue Jul 31, 2018 6:17 am
by acf492

I've seen a lot of amazing work happening on aircraft designs in the Discord channels. Somebody pointed out that it isn't always quick to have their releases added to existing popular servers. There can be a delay, and I thought that could be a bit of a letdown from the excitement of finishing an amazing aircraft design.

So I just put up a default server for the purpose of showcasing all new releases. It will restart frequently so that any last-minute changes can be uploaded for further testing. But you'll be able to show off your work to other members in a multiplayer setting!
Server address: (
The server page on YSFHQ shows the server IP, because the data entry form confused me. You should use the address for connecting to the game as the IP might change if I migrate the game to another system.
In the future, the upload webpage would be
If I can figure out how to do it with my very limited webpage design skills, I'll have a portal that lets designers upload their aircraft to the server for inclusion after the next restart.

Keep up the awesome artwork, designers!