General Rules and Recomendations for Combat Squadrons

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General Rules and Recomendations for Combat Squadrons

Post by Bombcat » Fri Feb 04, 2011 5:25 am

Welcome, prospective Squadron Commanders!
I know you want to get started, but before you do, it is important to understand the responsibilities and expectations which will be placed on you. Founding and running a squadron takes considerable time and effort, but the time spent getting to know the rules and recommendations can help ensure that it is time well spent.

Follow the rules, pay heed to the recommendations, and you should be off to a running start.

YSFlight Headquarters Combat Squadron Rules
  1. All YSFHQ combat squadrons must consist of no less than two members. One guy isn't a squad, it's just one guy.
  2. YSFHQ combat squadron Commanding Officers must be registered members of this forum. Anyone who is currently banned may not apply to open a new squadron.
  3. Pilots may only join squadrons belonging to a single faction. Factions can be at war with each other, and so being on both sides might cause some problems. Other then that, it's all fair game.
YSFlight Headquarters Combat Squadron Recommendations

These are not rules but should be read, pondered, and taken into account for the good of your unit.
  1. Gain some experience in both the game and the community before you form a new squadron. People are more likely to take you seriously if they can associate your name with intelligent posts, useful contributions, or a skilled combat pilot.
  2. Find an XO/2IC/wingman who complements you. In simplest terms, make sure that at least one of your other members is ready and willing to pick up some of the slack of running your squadron. If you have a friend who wants to fly with you, it will contribute substantially to the chances that your squadron will survive.
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