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Find An Addon

Posted: Sun Jun 29, 2014 8:53 pm
Searching Addons
YSFlight Headquarters
Welcome to the addon section!
Here are some helpful tips on how to find an addon here on

1. Yuchi's YS Finder
An awesome site made by Yuchi to look for that particular mod or addon you can't find anywhere else. A huge database of packs and addons that are searchable. Before anything else, try this! A lot of great search functions here to help find what you're looking for!

2.YSFHQ Forum Search
Search for keywords of YS addons you are looking for, or by username. Choose the "Addon Releases" forum in the forum selection list to search our vast amount of addons here on YSFHQ. You can also search for when keywords were posted by date, and display results as individual posts or topics.

3.Google Search
If all else fails, Google search may be able to help you. Search for keywords you are looking for and be sure to include "YSFlight" in your search. Hopefully it may be able to find aircraft or addons that you may not be able to find with the other resources above.