[Program] YS Flight Log

Note that alterations to the YSFlight .EXE is forbidden
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[Program] YS Flight Log

Post by decaff_42 » Sun Jan 20, 2019 2:35 am

Have you ever wanted to log your flights on a server? Well with the YS Flight Log, you can now easily process replay files and get key stats for your logs.

See my personal YS Civil Aviation Server Log here

Version 0.2.1 added to fix startup bug! Re-download if you previously downloaded version 0.2.

Instructions for use.
- Download and Install Python 3.4.X. I wrote and tested in 3.4.2, but 3.4.9 is the latest, which has not been tested for compatibility with this code. Windows, Mac OSX, Others
- Unzip YS Flight Log.zip to a location of choice.
- Open "YS Flight Log.py" in Python.
- Press F5 to open GUI.
- Select .yfs File to process.
- Select YSFlight main Folder. (Note once selected, the Folder path will be select-able from the drop-down the next time you open the GUI.)
- Click Military or Civilian Log.
Check out my website YSDecaff for all my tutorials and addon releases.
Visit my GitHub page for Python codes: https://github.com/decaff42?tab=repositories

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