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[PROGRAM] Dogfight Generator

Posted: Fri Mar 18, 2011 9:40 pm
by Grigor
Just unzip this to your YS Flight directory (alongside fsmaindx.exe) and run it. It'll create an .ini file on first run. All it does is generate a file called DOGFIGHT.YFS, run it, and delete it when it's finished. NOTE: if you happen to have a DOGFIGHT.YFS in the same directory, be sure you rename it. I've run it on my main YSF directory as well as the Flight Realism Pack - on two different computers, both with Windows XP - and it seems OK. This is a stand alone program - no changes to the registry etc. Of course I cannot take responsibility for anything unforseen that it might do, yatta yatta yatta...

Note: if you don't select either a location, friendly or enemy plane, one is randomly chosen for you. This seems to be where the fun is at. You can also select 0 wingmen for a one-on-one match. Let me know how it works.

You can get the Previous Version of Dogfight 2.2 right here:

Dogfight 2.31 bundled with YS List Manager.
Both these allow you to create and load profiles, ie different groupings of aircraft lists. These can be activated by dragging and dropping onto either program. In Dogfight 2.31 this means you won't have to worry about going up against your own planes.

Vista and Windows 7 users note: if this program doesn't work, try right-clicking Dogfight 2.1.exe, click the
Compatibility tab, and set the compatibility mode to Windows XP. This **should** make it work.


(While you're at it, check out the FA-57 Centaur and FA-58 Spectre under Aircraft Add-Ons!)

Re: Dogfight Generator

Posted: Sun Mar 20, 2011 7:24 pm
by Kynan
Wow. 50 wingmen

Re: Dogfight Generator

Posted: Sun Mar 20, 2011 7:32 pm
by CharleyHotel
Damn son! You are really hitting the ground running here! Insert approval face.

Re: Dogfight Generator

Posted: Sun Mar 20, 2011 8:00 pm
by Phoenix
I need to modify the Dogfight.ini as you said (I use linux, but I can not find it. I may be missing the obvious, but can you help?

Also, can I remove blacking out?

But it is Great (tried it with windows version).

Re: Dogfight Generator

Posted: Sun Mar 20, 2011 8:49 pm
by Grigor
Phoenix: I thought the .ini was in the zip with the program, but I haven't actually checked. It looks like this:


If you copy/paste this into a file called DOGFIGHT.INI in the same directory it should work. Both files need to be in the YS flight directory.

wnum = no. of wingmen (0 to ????)
aex = auto exit (1 or 0)
dgo = draw ground objects (1 or 0)

In future versions (soon) I'll get the program to create an .ini if none exists, maybe a built-in settings menu also. And I intend to make it load weapons (missiles etc) from the aircraft's .dat file.

Regarding Linux... guh... I'm completely lost. I only use XP.

Regarding the blackout... I don't think it can be done through Dogfight or through a .yfs mission file.
There is a line of zero's after FIELDNAM in every mission file, and I don't know what they do exactly. Don't think that's it. You have to untick black out in the OPTION / CONFIG / GAME RULE menu. Or try flying my other add-on (plug, plug) in add-on mod releases / aircraft, the XF-57... it'll do sharp turns at speeds of up to 400kts without turning out the lights.

Re: Dogfight Generator

Posted: Sun Mar 20, 2011 8:53 pm
by Phoenix
Thanks for the help. The 50-on-50 dogfights are stunning.

Re: Dogfight Generator

Posted: Sun Mar 20, 2011 9:50 pm
by Grigor
Thanks. Just re-did the link to include a zip of both files, correctly named.
50 on 50 is what I had in mind... I got the idea while re-watching the new Battlestar Galactica pilot, where there were LOTS of ships - lots of chaos and carnage. It (the program) was a relatively simple concept that came together fairly quickly, and the rest was just polishing.
Thinking next about something to generate random happenings within a set mission. Randomness is where the fun is. There's nothing so good in a game as being surprised.

Re: Dogfight Generator

Posted: Sun Mar 20, 2011 9:52 pm
by Phoenix
Also gives realism, especially of WWII era.

Re: Dogfight Generator

Posted: Sun Mar 20, 2011 11:30 pm
by Shutter

Just, wow man. It's not often we get a new member who contributes this much right off the bat. Great stuff Grigor! :)

EDIT: I had started to mod a .ysf I had made with this changing the aircraft type of each ai for more variety and added some payload options. However, I would advise everyone not to take the time to do this, because now all the planes disappear after some time. I'm going to assume this has to do with the fact that the flight just gets to big to hold in memory (the base .ysf was already 20mb in size. I have 6 gigs of ram but I doubt ys would be allowed to use it all).

Anyways, I blame windows.

Re: Dogfight Generator

Posted: Mon Mar 21, 2011 12:51 am
by Doomsday
Not sure if its only just me, but I properly extracted the zip file and placed it in my YSFlight directory folder. Clicked on the .exe and it opens up the program and gives me a list of all the planes I have to select for me and the enemies and which map to do it on. So everything is working as it should so far, but when I click on "GO!", nothing happens. Anyone else having similar issues?

Re: Dogfight Generator

Posted: Mon Mar 21, 2011 2:47 am
by Kynan
Yes nothing happens with me ether

Re: Dogfight Generator

Posted: Mon Mar 21, 2011 3:31 am
by Grigor
Sorry Guys... Looking right into it.
Could you give me some info? Which fsmain you use? [fsmaino.exe fsmaindx.exe etc] Windows 98/XP?

It could be a compatibility issue... Do you have the LATEST version of YS Flight? If not, try this:
1) Do a copy of the DOGFIGHT.YFS before the program (Dogfight.exe) closes.
2) Manually edit and change the first line to YFSVERSI 20080220 instead of whatever's there.
3) Load the mission from the main YS menu. [FILE - OPEN]
If this works, let me know... I could make the thing more backwards compatible if needed.

This hasn't been tested on anything but XP so far. I remember the program doing the same thing (nothing) somewhere in the testing phase... but I can't remember why.

Re: Dogfight Generator

Posted: Mon Mar 21, 2011 6:06 am
by Kynan
Well iv got vista and the latest version. But does it make the dogfight.yfs in the missions folder. But theres no dogfight.yfs. So thats probily whats hapenin

Re: Dogfight Generator

Posted: Mon Mar 21, 2011 3:43 pm
by Phoenix
I've found that it usually takes a few minutes to load,

Re: Dogfight Generator

Posted: Mon Mar 21, 2011 7:09 pm
by Kynan
Waited 5 mins and still nothing hapening

Re: Dogfight Generator

Posted: Mon Mar 21, 2011 9:00 pm
by Doomsday
I believe I figured out the problem, well for me. I use Windows 7 and since you said this program works on 98 and XP, I right click the .exe, clicked on "Properties", then clicked on the compatibility tab. I selected the option to run the .exe under Windows 98. So if anybody else is having any issues with this and is using Windows 7, give this a try.

Re: Dogfight Generator

Posted: Mon Mar 21, 2011 9:06 pm
by Grigor
Sorry this doesn't work for all of you. There are so many VARIABLES in these sort of issues it'd be impossible for me to guess how to get around them. There are so many tickboxes hidden away within so many "options" menus, somewhere in an obscure corner of the control panel or wherever, and all it takes is one wrong setting to screw things up. Not saying that's what it is, but saying it could be anything. Again, I would try doing a copy of the dogfight.yfs, and edit that manually until it does work. And if it DOES, let me know what you did and I can build that into the next version. And make the mission file as simple as possible. No ground objects, and two (or fewer) wingmen... fewer variables, more chance of making it work.

Do you have any problems running other mission files? The ones that come with the game?
Is anyone else having ANY kind of problems with Dogfight.exe? It IS a work in progress: Let's get it right.

Keep me posted.

-- Ah, Mr. Doomsday has just pointed out the option under "properties". Like I said, some tickbox somewhere...

Re: Dogfight Generator

Posted: Mon Mar 21, 2011 9:09 pm
by CharleyHotel
I just get a text file, but then again I'm using a Mac.Could be that.

Re: Dogfight Generator

Posted: Tue Mar 22, 2011 2:51 am
by Kynan
Tryed the compatability in all the modes but still nothing. And yes normal missions run fine

Re: Dogfight Generator

Posted: Tue Mar 22, 2011 5:09 am
by Dragon029
Works awesomely on my system (I use Vista 64bit) - I think what I'd like to see is just aircraft having their stock missile and bomb load for the combat - it'd increase lag, but for good machines it'd make things more interesting.
Additionally, being able to have the enemy and friendly AI set to different difficulties would be good; at the moment whichever side has the most gun ammo, planes and turn rate is the side that wins.
It'd be cool to be able to select more than 1 aircraft for your enemy or friendly fleet, but that'd probably make things more complex.

I don't expect you to add these things, but perhaps if you get free time you could look into what's possible.