Note that alterations to the YSFlight .EXE is forbidden
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Post by decaff_42 » Fri Apr 06, 2018 11:16 pm

YS Chat allows you to extract chat messages from a .yfs replay file and save them as a .txt file.

Simply place the YS_Chat_v0.1.py file into a directory with .yfs files and run it. All files will be parsed, so a folder with only a few .yfs files is recommended.

Tested with Python 3.4.2. Your mileage may vary with other versions of python.
Download from BitBucket

21.26 - [XMS-121] Swiftteehhhhhh has left the airplane.
22.77 - MD5Ray01 took off ([241ST]AERO_L-39_ALBATROS)
26.79 - [XMS-121] Swiftteehhhhhh took off ([GRUNSOL/8TFS]A/F-10Z_ADVANCED_W)
29.46 - [VFA-49]Ace Lord took off ([VFA-49]B-1R_LANCER[DV3_FIREBALL)
30.37 - MD5Ray01 has left the airplane.
57.66 - ** Log-on process completed **
65.76 - MD5Ray01 took off (WW-04_WARHAWK)
97.00 - Decaff_42 took off ([VT-171]F/A-18C_HORNET)
127.50 - MD5Ray01 has left the airplane.
129.69 - MD5Ray01 took off (WW-04_WARHAWK)
135.95 - ouga8888 took off (F-15DJ_72-8090(HIKOKYODOTAI)[ICE)
143.68 - SATSUI_NO_HADO took off ([8TFS-GRUN-FGTR/ATKR]_F-15E_STRI)
153.85 - MD5Ray01 has left the airplane.
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Post by u2fly » Sat Apr 07, 2018 10:40 pm

Just use it for test "test_malfunct.yfs" mission - all work like a charm! Image
So, "YS Chat" would be useful tool for missions testing/development too.

Thank you, decaff42!

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