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Recently completed a combat mission? Want to keep track of your kills and combat hours? Start a personal thread here!
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How to use this forum

Post by Bombcat » Fri Aug 02, 2013 1:15 am

Here at YSFHQ, we're interested in providing an opportunity to link your YS exploits to your account. To keep track of your combat activities, this forum provides every pilot with a place to host a personal combat reporting thread. Every time you fly combat on a server, complete a posted combat challenge, or take part in a squadron event, post a report in your thread. Ultimately, we'd like to link combat records with automatic tracking of server activities to provide a somewhat easier and reliable account. For now, we'll be relying on you all to provide the most accurate, detailed accounting of your activities possible.

An example Combat report:

8/1/2013 - 42 South, Hawaii

Air to Air:
Killed Bombcat (F-14D)x 3, AIM-120s (F/A-18E, stock)
Killed Bombcat (F-14D)x 1, guns (F/A-18E, stock)

We were engaged in an intercept mission. Bombcat shot me down 2 times, with guns.

Air to Ground
Killed Udlaoy Destroyer x6, with 250lb bombs and AGM's.
Killed AAA x 3, guns
Estimated Combat time: 1 hour.

This is just an example, with a bit more detail than required. Try to include, in order of importance, number of kills, who you killed, what you both were flying, any info about kills against you, and any details about ground attack. Include the exact tag you fly under so that people may recognize your reports.

Some notes:
This is for everyone, regardless of squadron affiliation or non-affiliation. If your squadron has their own combat reporting system, you may feel free to post your reports twice, post less detail here, or just use these reports for squadron purposes. Unaffiliated pilots who wish to post reports may, of course, feel free to do so.

Don't post reports for server activities which have resulted in administrative penalties. If you brag about your civ killing, vulching, or general rule breaking as the server owners define it, some one will most likely notice, and such kills will not be formally recognized.
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