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Post by RzB » Wed Aug 21, 2013 4:41 am

RzB - [Found the following on the 171st Forums]
Position: Wingman
Pilot Record:
Total reported Kills: 108
Total Reported GRD kills: 12
Total reported losses: 35
08.20.13 - 48 kills and 11 losses. 12 Ground targets destroyed.
08.12.13 - Returned to Active duty Assigned to VFA-165.
04.05.09 - Received Bronze Star
04.05.09 - Received Distinguished Flying Cross
04.05.09 - Received Ace Badge
04.05.09 - Confirmed 61 Kills and 24 Losses
?.?.? - Confirmed 49 Kills and 20 Losses
12.27.08 - Joined the squadron. Assigned to VFA-131.

08.20.13 42South Server:

A2A kills: Guns only, Aircraft used; VFA-165 F-14D, F/A-18F, VFA-201 Gripen, Stock F-16, VFA-201 Waffle.

x12 Eayr3s(Stock F-16, Stock Su-27, GAC F/A-18F)
x20 USAF (Stock F-16, Stock F-18)
x8 Greenhorn(Stock F-16)
x8 EGYPT (Stock F-16)

x6 SAMS.(Gun)
x6 AA Gun.(Gun)

x1 Eayr3s(gun)
x4 USAF(3 Missle Spam, 1 Gun)
x2 Egypt(Gun)
x4 Greenhorn(Gun)

Ground Attack on small group near HLI. Persistant hunting of USAF was done by several parties. At one point their was a Furball where it was Eayr3s, Greenhorn and Egypt VS Me. All guns... Good fun. 8-)

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