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[MISC] mega ground object aircraft pack 2.0

Posted: Wed Dec 29, 2021 9:11 pm
by tigershark

i just simply edit the aircraft and you guys are free to repaint and make your own ground set aircraft pack. because we need more civil airliners on the maps

airborne: a380, b757, c130, c5, b787, kc-135
owl: b737, b707, cv-880, dc-8, dc-9, emb set, learjet, md80, crj set, rj set
tigershark: an225, a350, a310, b717, beluga, L1011 Tristar,
tf58: b737, b747, b767, b777, a319, a320, a321, dc10, b727, a340, dash set,
dan/dave: concord

download ... sp=sharing