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Post by NightRaven » Mon May 16, 2016 12:50 am

In light of me restarting my DC-10 series, I have decided to release my current DC-10s to you as I figured it would not be worth it to overwrite effectively 1 year's work. Hence this has been packaged in the same manner as I have used to test it on my install, with a lst, dat, dnm, coll and cockpit, and you can fly these aircraft for your own personal pleasure. The cockpit is incomplete however, the models have inconsistencies varying with each model (apart from the paint), plus loads of inaccuracies here and there, which made me decide to abandon this particular series of scratch made DC-10s.
This includes the -10, -10F, -15, -30, -30F, -40 and KC-10A variants.
Current schemes:
Singapore Airlines
Malaysia Airlines (2 schemes)
Garuda Indonesia (2 schemes)
Philippine Airlines
Japan Airlines
Orbis (2 schemes, 1 without dat)
American Airways (2 schemes, 1 without dat)
FedEx (2 schemes)
Pan American (2 schemes, no dat)
KLM (no dat)
Omega Tanker (no dat)
VARIG (no dat)

This is all there is for now. I do not allow anyone to repaint these DC-10s as they are incomplete, and I would very much prefer that people wait for my new DC-10s.
TF58 for turbine fans
Decaff for tutorials, logos

Stay tuned for the new DC-10s!

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/0v19q ... 5/dc10s.7z

EDIT AFTERTHOUGHT: Some of you may have realised that the link was invalid a few days after I originally released these, as I was initially more lax on my no modification policy. I have only re-released these after Zack had requested for these after I took them down, on the condition that they do not be edited for VA/squad usage. Please do not make me regret my decision.
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