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[BONEYARD] HD F-22 Raptors

Posted: Sat Nov 04, 2017 4:31 pm
by Swift

Contains several models of a completed modeling project to update the details of the existing XLP F-22s. No DAT included. Models are fully animated with a few repaints included. Make sure to play with the Vector Thrust keys ;)

Myself for the repaints, SAF decals, LAU-142B and LAU-142A AVEL, most Cockpit displays, and added animations.
Zephyr for the original F-22 model.
CEP for the Sidewinder, AMRAAM, pylons, and various cockpit details.
Darkness of Enigma for the pilot model.
Umaibow for parts of the afterburner mesh.

You may republish/repaint/modify this and release it so long as you credit both myself (SWIFT) and Zephyr.

Download Link
DAT File