YSFlight ver.20120219 TEST VERSION RELEASED!

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YSFlight ver.20120219 TEST VERSION RELEASED!

Post by Iceman » Mon Feb 20, 2012 10:03 am

YSFlight ver.20120219 TEST VERSION RELEASED!
by Iceman

List Of Changes (from YSFLIGHT.com):2012/02/19
  • [YSFLIGHT] Now custom ground objects (not just airplanes and sceneries) can be placed under User directory.
  • [YSFLIGHT] Languages can be customized by writing a "XX.uitxt" file in "language" sub-directory. Needs to be UTF-8 encoding. If the two-letter code of the primary language (for example, "ja" for Japanese, "en" for English) matches the XX of the language file name, YSFLIGHT by default will use that file. Otherwise, the user can select the language file from the Option dialog.
  • [YSFLIGHT] A scenery file can store base elevation (Scenery Editor update will come soon as well)
  • [YSFLIGHT] The user can enter port number when starting a client mode.
  • [YSFLIGHT] "-configdir" command option. When starting YSFLIGHT from the command line, you can select a different configuration directory by "-configdir" option. If you want to carry your YSFLIGHT in a USB stick and want to switch configurations in different environment (or, want to use the same option stored in the USB stick everywhere), you can use this option.
  • [YSFLIGHT] "-userdir" command option. When starting YSFLIGHT from the command line, you can alter the user directory where YSFLIGHT look at the user-specific files by this option.
  • [YSFLIGHT] User-controllable ground object (and Ground-To-Air Defense Mission)
  • [YSFLIGHT] Trim indicator
  • [YSFLIGHT] Ski-jump flight deck. Flight deck of an aircraft carrier can be tilted and can consist of multiple polygons. Polygons cannot overlap when you look at it from the straight above.
  • [YSFLIGHT] Elevation grids can be placed within runway/taxiway region. An airplane will be bumped by such elevation grid.
  • [YSFLIGHT] Reduced joystick dead zone. Added joystick sensitivity control (default E/D keys)
  • [YSFLIGHT] Virtual air traffic controller. Currently it can only let you fly an ILS approach. Invoke from "Radio Comm" in-flight sub menu.
  • [YSFLIGHT] Bug-Fix: Turrets of the ground object were ignoring radar cross section of an airplane.
  • [YSFLIGHT] YSFLIGHT for Linux: Support ALSA and Pulse-Audio. (For Pulse Audio, delete (or rename) sndYsflight.so and rename sndYsflight-pulse.so to sndYsflight.so in sounddll sub-directory) OSS is no longer supported.
  • [YSFLIGHT] YSFLIGHT for Mac OS X: It detects mouse-wheel up and down.
  • [YSFLIGHT] Each type of airplane can have its own weapon graphics. (For example, fuel tank for F-22 and F-18)
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