YSFlight ver. 20120701 Released!

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YSFlight ver. 20120701 Released!

Post by Eric » Sun Aug 05, 2012 10:26 pm

YSFlight ver. 20120701 Released!
by Eric

YSFlight stable version 20120701 has been released! Get it here! From Captain YS: Some of the bugs that are not too serious for flying haven't been fixed yet, but I wanted to make a stable official release so that everyone can use. Thank you very much for everyone for helping me debugging new features. I continue work on the left-over bugs. So, please give me some time to fix them. And, my focus now is updating the Scenery Editor. I appreciate your feed backs! Changelog 2012/06/16
  • [YSFLIGHT] Landing-Gear warning horn will not go off if the aircraft is climbing.
  • [YSFLIGHT] Option dialog now allows you to select up to 32-pixel font (used to be up to 24-pixel font)
  • [YSFLIGHT] If Direct 3D cannot show bitmap font not only wireframe font, probably checking "Direct 3D cannot draw font" check box in the Option dialog.
  • [YSFLIGHT] I think I really fixed the problem that the airplane is dragged by an aircraft carrier if (1) you take off from the ground base, (2) land on the carrier, (3) crash into something on the carrier, and (4) continue.
  • [YSFLIGHT] Bug fix: A per-airplane ordinance pattern is not erased after it hits the ground.
  • [YSFLIGHT] Bug fix: Joysitck/Key/Mouse assignment dialog could not read a saved assignment file.
  • [YSFLIGHT] Made fog color darker.
  • [YSFLIGHT] Made HUD color brighter.
  • [YSFLIGHT] New option "Direct 3D cannot draw wireframe font."  If you cannot see numbers on the HUD, this option may help.  But, the letters may be drawn outside the frame.  It's the problem of Direct 3D driver.  I don't have much more thing that I can do.  Direct 3D is a horrible API.
  • [YSFLIGHT] Bug fix: Start flying in F-22 and terminate => Start an auto-demo => Exit program => Program crashed
  • [YSFLIGHT] Changed the timing of ATC giving heading instruction.  If the previous instruction was a long turn, ATC will wait a little longer before giving a new heading instruction.
  • [YSFLIGHT] Bug fix: Weather condition specified in New Flight Dialog was ignored.
  • [YSFLIGHT] New mission: Short IFR flight from Misawa air base to Hachinohe air base.
  • [YSFLIGHT] New mission: IFR flight from Akita airport to Aomori airport.
  • [YSFLIGHT] Bug fix: Cloud-Change event was ignored.
  • [YSFLIGHT] Changed the placements of the major six instruments to the standard placement in the common instrument panel.
  • [YSFLIGHT] Bug fix: ATC occasionally gave an excessively fast airspeed when the airplane was cleared for approach.
  • [YSFLIGHT for Linux] I'm testing YSFLIGHT on Ubuntu 11.1 on Virtual Box.  Also I am running 64-bit Ubuntu on my laptop natively for testing purpose.  But, this OpenGL on Ubuntu seems to forget state variables often, which is not supposed to happen.  But, by frequently resetting colors, the flashing of the objects on the screen is substantially reduced.  So, I made that change in YSFLIGHT for Linux.
  • [YSFLIGHT] Bug fix: In Radio Communication sub-menu, pressing of A or G key was changing throttle or landing gear position.
  • [YSFLIGHT] Bug fix: F-22 starts moving backward on the ground unless you keep the brake on.  (Some airplanes still start moving, but I'm thinking what to do to fix them.)
  • [YSFLIGHT] Bug fix: AMMO of the user-controlled turret was not shown on the 3D instrument panel.
  • [YSFLIGHT] Shows the speed of the user-controlled ground vehicle.  Shows a warning when the vehicle starts skidding.  Also corrected the condition for skidding.
  • [YSFLIGHT] External fuel tank capacity can be set per hard point.
  • [YSFLIGHT] Calculates the score for ground-to-air defense mission.
  • @
  • [Scenery Editor] Added features for the upcoming YSFLIGHT version
  • [YSFLIGHT] Fixed: The program was crashing when the scenery dimension is large.  I see some user-created sceneries have a huge rectangular region that covers entire objects.  But, it is not recommended since YSFLIGHT makes a lattice for accelerated collision detection based on the dimension of the scenery.  If it is huge, the lattice cannot efficiently cut the computation of the collision detection.
  • [YSFLIGHT] Fixed: Some legacy user scenery data was using [,] instead of [.] for decimal point and YSFLIGHT was not recognizing it.  Now it at least reads it without an error.
  • [YSFLIGHT] If an aircraft carrier is carrying another aircraft carrier both of which shares the same motion path and motion pass offset is on, YSFLIGHT will move the two aircraft carriers together rather than the one on the other moves faster.  And, in that case, the shadow of the piggy-backing aircraft carrier is not drawn.
  • [YSFLIGHT] Ground object steering, door, light are stored in the YFS file.  Also tires of the ground objects rotates in play-back mode.
  • [YSFLIGHT] Bug fix: This time it should really be able to read a FLD file that is referring to separate data files.
  • [YSFLIGHT] Bug fix: Server Mode could not be started from the menu.
  • [YSFLIGHT] A user-controlled rotating turret rotates smoothly by key rather than a step motion.
  • [YSFLIGHT] Renewed propeller engine sound (Recorded in a Cessna 172R)
  • [YSFLIGHT] Program does not take ground-to-ground collision unless the user is controlling a ground object.
  • [YSFLIGHT] Bug fix: In the map-selection screen, some part of the map 2D drawing object was not drawn.
  • [YSFLIGHT] Bug fix: Tires of aircrafts were not rotating in the replay mode even if the DNM model includes tires.  (Now only Concorde has such a visual effect)
  • [YSFLIGHT] Mission dialog and Simulation-Result dialog.
  • [YSFLIGHT] Bug fix: The engine thrust was doubled on the ground.
  • [YSFLIGHT] Added Linux 64-bit binary.  However, my PC is equipped with ATI Radeon X1250, which is no longer officially supported by ATI, and the driver that comes with Ubuntu randomly crashes.  None of my PCs are fast enough to run 64-bit Linux in a Virtual Box.  Therefore, I don't have an environment to test it on.  I appreciate your report!
  • [YSFLIGHT] Added Voice DLL skeleton.  It is a skeleton and does not work.  I leave a way to add a plug-in after releasing an stable version.  Or, you may write your own voice DLL, too!
  • [YSFLIGHT] I believe this one can read a field that consists of multiple files.
  • [YSFLIGHT] An airplane .DAT can set stall horn and gear horn on/off.  (See T-4 Blue Impulse data file)
  • [YSFLIGHT] Bug Fix:  SAM was not firing a missile.
  • [YSFLIGHT] You can specify percentage of dead zone rather than just on/off.
  • [YSFLIGHT] Added experimental bumps on runways of Misawa airport and Crescent island airport.
  • [YSFLIGHT] Renewed landing-practice mode dialog.
  • [YSFLIGHT] Now custom ground objects (not just airplanes and sceneries) can be placed under User directory.
  • [YSFLIGHT] Languages can be customized by writing a "XX.uitxt" file in "language" sub-directory.  Needs to be UTF-8 encoding.  If the two-letter code of the primary language (for example, "ja" for Japanese, "en" for English)  matches the XX of the language file name, YSFLIGHT by default will use that file.  Otherwise, the user can select the language file from the Option dialog.
  • [YSFLIGHT] A scenery file can store base elevation (Scenery Editor update will come soon as well)
  • [YSFLIGHT] The user can enter port number when starting a client mode.
  • [YSFLIGHT] "-configdir" command option.  When starting YSFLIGHT from the command line, you can select a different configuration directory by "-configdir" option.  If you want to carry your YSFLIGHT in a USB stick and want to switch configurations in different environment (or, want to use the same option stored in the USB stick everywhere), you can use this option.
  • [YSFLIGHT] "-userdir" command option.  When starting YSFLIGHT from the command line, you can alter the user directory where YSFLIGHT look at the user-specific files by this option.
  • [YSFLIGHT] User-controllable ground object (and Ground-To-Air Defense Mission)
  • [YSFLIGHT] Trim indicator
  • [YSFLIGHT] Ski-jump flight deck.  Flight deck of an aircraft carrier can be tilted and can consist of multiple polygons.  Polygons cannot overlap when you look at it from the straight above.
  • [YSFLIGHT] Elevation grids can be placed within runway/taxiway region.  An airplane will be bumped by such elevation grid.
  • [YSFLIGHT] Reduced joystick dead zone.  Added joystick sensitivity control (default E/D keys)
  • [YSFLIGHT] Virtual air traffic controller.  Currently it can only let you fly an ILS approach.  Invoke from "Radio Comm" in-flight sub menu.
  • [YSFLIGHT] Bug-Fix: Turrets of the ground object were ignoring radar cross section of an airplane.
  • [YSFLIGHT] YSFLIGHT for Linux: Support ALSA and Pulse-Audio.  (For Pulse Audio, delete (or rename) sndYsflight.so and rename sndYsflight-pulse.so to sndYsflight.so in sounddll sub-directory)  OSS is no longer supported.
  • [YSFLIGHT] YSFLIGHT for Mac OS X: It detects mouse-wheel up and down.
  • [YSFLIGHT] Each type of airplane can have its own weapon graphics.  (For example, fuel tank for F-22 and F-18)


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