A new YSFlight Headquarters is coming!

Announcements which were previously posted on our Drupal and WordPress blogs.
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A new YSFlight Headquarters is coming!

Post by Eric » Sat Jun 29, 2013 1:33 am

A new YSFlight Headquarters is coming!
by Eric

For Immediate Release Media Contact: Eric Tendian Chief Information Officer eric[at]ysfhq.com YSFLIGHT HEADQUARTERS LAUNCHES PROJECT TO REVITALIZE YSFLIGHT COMMUNITY - Project Kaizen is launched which will revamp YSFlight Headquarters and its community this summer - CHICAGO, Illinois, U.S.A. (June 28, 2013) — Last Friday, YSFlight Headquarters' (YSFHQ) Chief Information Officer Eric Tendian launched Project Kaizen. "Kaizen" is Japanese for improvement, and refers to the practice of continuous improvement in many industries. Project Kaizen aims to improve the YSFlight (YS) community through the following:
  • A revamped website powered by Wordpress, which will include much more information about YSFlight, as well as a space for members-only content, a "flight school" tutorial page, links to the latest YS events, multimedia showcasing YS, and much more.
  • A revitalized community, with additional incentives for participation in YS, including scoreboards and other events.
  • A reorganized forum, which will move all modding aspects to YSUpload, YSFHQ's official addon upload platform and the premier source for YSFlight addons, to allow for the YSFHQ forums to focus on discussing gameplay and ways to enjoy all that the simulator offers. A marketing campaign, in order to raise awareness of the superb community surrounding YSFlight, the world's best free flight simulator.
Project team members are currently working hard on tasks assigned via YSFHQ's project management site, Asana, under the leadership of their respective team leaders. The expected completion date is Saturday, September 21st, 2013, though projects may continue throughout the rest of the year. The new website is currently in the planning stages, and an official beta date is not available at this time. YSFlight Headquarters is committed to providing the best experience to its members, and so all project items will be checked for the high standard of quality that comes with any featured content on our site before they are released to the general public. As Project Kaizen comes into its second week, YSFlight Headquarters mechanics launched the YSFHQ Engineering Blog today, which will provide other online communities with perspective on how the YSFHQ engineering team deals with technology challenges as the YSFlight community continues to grow. Upcoming open-source projects will be released as the engineering team gets further along with YSFHQ site development. Details regarding these projects will be posted on the engineering blog, which can be found at http://engineering.ysfhq.com/]engineering.ysfhq.com[/url]. Interested parties can read more about Project Kaizen at the http://ysfhq.com/phpbb3/viewtopic.php?f=167&t=5298]official forum thread[/url] located on the YSFHQ forums. For additional inquiries, please email [email protected]ysfhq.com. ###


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