How to Install Addons

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How to Install Addons

Post by YSFHQ » Sun Jun 29, 2014 9:09 pm

Installing Addons
YSFlight Headquarters
Welcome to the addon section!
Here are some helpful tips to install addons and mods found at
and abroad!

1. Download the Addon
Most addons are in .ZIP files, however some are .RAR. We recommend installing WinRAR for downloading both types of these files. It also serves as a great and efficient way to zip up folders for you to upload your own addons!

2. Find your root YSFlight folder
Find where YSFLIGHT is installed. This is the folder with the YSFlight executables used to launch the game. Usually, it is located at C:/Users/[username]/Documents/YSFLIGHT.COM/YSFLIGHT. If you launch the game from a shortcut, right click it and open file location.
Inside your root YSFlight folder, should be a variety of folders such as aircraft, scenery, ground, misc, etc.

3. Drag and Drop
If the creator set up the folders correctly, you should see folders such as aircraft, scenery, user, etc. in your download.
All you need to do is to drag and drop them into your root YS folder and overwrite anything it asks you - and you're set to go! Any loose .lst files should go in the appropriate folders: air*.lst in aircraft, gro*.lst in ground, and sce*.lst in scenery

If the creator did not set up the folders correctly, you will have to figure out where each one goes. Usually you can open the aircraft and go to the .LST file to see where things need to go in order for the addon to work - Refer below for more help regarding such.



Iceman written up this tutorial to show new users a relatively quick and painless way to install add ons. In this tutorial, we will cover LST files, directories and the works.

Step 0: Relative Paths

If you understand how to use Windows paths and know what a relative path is, continue at Step 1. Otherwise, please read this.
I've included this explanation of a relative path so I can make the rest of the tutorial easier to understand. A relative path is a folder or file's path RELATIVE to the parent directory. So when a program asks for a relative path, it usually means the path to follow FROM THE FOLDER IT'S CURRENTLY IN.

For example, ProgramA.exe is in C:\Program\

To access this program, you would type in:

However, say ProgramB.exe is in C:\, and it asks for a relative path to open ProgramA, you would type:



See? It's easy enough to understand.

Now let's move on.

Step 1: Open Zipped Folder
Use your favorite unzipping program to open your zip, cab, rar, etc file. I personally prefer WinRAR, as it covers the most file types.

Step 2: Identify And Copy List Files
Note: Most addons nowadays are very easy to install - just drag and drop the contents of the Zip file into your YSFlight folder, and you should be set. However, keep in mind this only works if an aircraft, ground, or scenery folder is present.
Now, look for the .LST file(s) in your mod. Once you have found your LST file, first, move it to the right subfolder:

If the LST file starts with:

air(i.e. aircraft.lst, air_zz171st.lst, air0plane.lst, etc)
- Copy the LST file into the YSFLIGHT/aircraft directory.
gro(i.e. ground.lst, gro_ysfhq.lst, groabc123.lst, etc)
- Copy the LST file into the YSFLIGHT/ground directory.
sce(i.e. scenery.lst, sce_bnipack.lst, scemap.lst, etc)
- Copy the LST file into the YSFLIGHT/scenery directory.

Step 3: Move the Mod Files
Now, open up your LST file. Find the path that the lst file refers to, and copy the rest of the mod files to that location.

For instance, if there is a folder in your zip file called "ysmodfolder", and the LST file reads:
user/ysmodfolder/xyz.dat user/ysmodolder/xyz.dnm etc etc..

You would copy the ysmodfolder into YSFLIGHT.COM\YSFLIGHT\user\

Step 4: Enjoy!
Your addons should now work in game. Still have questions? Ask in the YS Support forum!
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