The Official YSFHQ Discord Server

Here you will find a link to our Discord server
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The Official YSFHQ Discord Server

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YSFlight Headquarters Discord
What is Discord?
YSFHQ provides a utilises a Discord server for members and non-members alike to discuss, talk, and play YSFlight. This can be done through voice communication with microphones or with text communication in the numerous text channels available. All communications are in real time and a microphone is not required as the people using voice communication can also interact with the people using text communication. This is a great way to meet new friends in the community and better know people.

How do I join the Discord Server?
Discord works through using the downloaded client software or within the internet browser. Visit the Discord website - for more information and to download the client software. To join the YSFHQ server, simply click the invite link above.

What are the Discord Server Rules?
1. Primary focus is YSFlight
We provide this service, free of charge, to our community to help advance and communicate with our great community. The YSFHQ Discord is for YSFlight discussion, talk, and play primarily. Other discussion of games between fellow YS pilots is permitted, however our primary focus is for YSFlight usage first and foremost.

2. Please use English in public channels
Being an English-based fan forum, we accept all YS fans from across the world to join us. However please use the English language in our public channels while discussing with others. Any languages are approved in our own, private channels.

3.No broadcasting of music (soundboards, effects, etc.) in public channels
Except for YSFlight public events, no type of automated audio or music is permitted to be broadcast on our Discord server. It can cause an annoyance to others. There is a dedicated music channel for those wanting to listen to music as a group. Think before you transmit!

4. No Spamming
This involves the public message system for channels and private text messages within Discord. Please do not spam on our server - this is to include large amounts of shameless advertising, or anything that can cause an annoyance to our users.

5. Be nice, play fair, and have fun!
We do not allow any sort of personal attacks, trolling, or anything that involves mockery of members on Discord. It's important to be friendly, helpful, and courteous to your follow YSFLIGHT pilots & HQ members, all while still having fun!

6. Username Parity
HQ Discord users must have a forum account, and must contain their forum username within their Discord nickname. (Details)

Additional Rules
Here are some great tips expanding on the regulations above while operating on our Discord!
  • Regulations from the forum carry onto the Discord server. This means that if you are banned from the HQ forum, YSFHQ staff have the right to ban you from the Discord server.
  • All users must be over the age of 13.
  • No impersonating YSFHQ staff or any HQ member.
  • No harassing, personal attacks, or discrimination is allowed.
  • No sharing of other Discord server invites, unless for other YSFlight related groups.
  • Game experience may change during online play and usage.
  • Please utilise corresponding text channel when using voice communication to help lower #general channel congestion!
  • We are a global community with members from all differing age groups. With this in mind, please be conscious of our younger members and keep profanity and discussion age appropriate!
  • Keep political discussion to a minimum.
The YSFHQ forum rules also apply

We hope you have fun and enjoy your time at YSFlight Headquarters!
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Re: The Official YSFHQ Discord Server

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This topic has now been moved to this subforum so that it is only visible to members. This was due to the continued use of the old invite link by people unassociated with the community
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