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.lst tutorial

Post by YSFHQ » Wed May 02, 2012 4:35 pm


Making a .lst file is simple. All you need to do is to list make a list of all the files needed for a single aircraft to work ON A SINGLE LINE in a basic text file (made in notepad or other simple text editor) and then saving it as a .lst file. There should be no spaces in the filepath.

You have to list parts in this order inside the .lst:

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1) .dat filepath
2) main.dnm filepath          
3) collision.srf filepath         
4) cockpit.srf filepath         
5) coarse.srf filepath
A .lst line can be complete with just the first three, but if you add a coarse file without a cockpit file, you need something to fill the fourth slot. Add a NULL srf by saving the following as a .srf:

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a functional example:
user/171st_gac/f35c.dat user/171st_gac/f35c.dnm user/171st_gac/f35c_coll.srf user/171st_gac/f35c_cpt.dnm ""

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