Using background image to help drawing airports (or other ma

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Using background image to help drawing airports (or other ma

Post by Iceman » Mon Feb 07, 2011 4:23 am

(Original Post By Skipper of YSP)
Using background image to help drawing airports (or other maps)

First, goto ReferenceBmp -> Open Control Diaglog. You can load upto 8 bitmaps (it actually takes both .bmp and .png format) at the same time. Select one of the slots (REF1-REF8) from the drop down list, and click on Load to load your background image.

Now comes the interesting stuff. Click on Move. On the next dialog box, select "Center" on the left and "Size" on the right. The most critical part is that you have to know how big an area your background image covers. I'm talking about real life dimension. So for example if your image covers an area of 3.4km (E-W) by 2.7km (N-W), you put in 3400 in the top box on the right, ignore the second box, and put in 2700 on the third box on the right. Click set, then click on the title bar of the main editor window to put the focus back on it, and hit space to finalize. Now (hopefullly) your bitmap will correspond to real life dimensions.

Most airport diagram has a scale bar of some sort. In your graphics program, measure how long it is (in pixels) for a 1000' segment. Divide the horizontal size of your image by that number, and multiply by 304.8 That will give you the actual horizontal size in meters. Do the same thing for the vertical and you are set.

E.g. I'm currently working on the Brampton airport. On the diagram 1000' is 580 pixels. My image is 4170 pixels wide, so 4170 / 580 * 304.8 = 2191.4 meters.

Oh, and make sure you goto ReferenceBmp->Save Configuration to save the background image setup so that you don't have to redo the whole thing the next time you fire up the editor.
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Re: Using background image to help drawing airports (or othe

Post by Flake » Thu Dec 15, 2011 12:25 am

I have a similar method I'd like to share.

I like to use "Transparent Windows" to make scenery editor slightly transparent. I then go to Scenery editors options and set the lattice to 100m.

I open google earth and zoom in to what I wish to trace. I make sure that the terrain elevation is off, and I set the eye height to 100m to by fine tuning the zoom.

I then go back to scenery editor and make the window transparent, and align the lattice with the scale in Google earth. I zoom in and out in scenery editor to get it just right, so that the lattice just meets the scale.

Then I start working.

The benefit to this method is I can control the alpha of the background image, and I can drag it around and move it with me.

I can also use far more detail as YSF Scenery editor doesn't allow for High Def BG images (EG: 16000px that I would like to use to see clearly the minor details)

I'm using this method for my current maps, and the life scale is phenominal.
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Re: Using background image to help drawing airports (or othe

Post by Phantom One » Mon Jan 23, 2012 11:08 pm

Ah ha! The missing piece I was looking for. I can now do a map in some detail! Thanks Ice.

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