2nd United Combat Wing Server

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2nd United Combat Wing Server

Post by HawkbitAlpha » Mon Aug 31, 2020 7:58 am

IP Address: 2ucw.ddns.net


Server Info:

YS VERSION: 20150425
MAP: Hawaii w/ 171st Ground (by default - see below for more info)
SETTINGS: Visibility 2000m, All Weapons On, Blackout Off, Collisions Off, Land Everywhere On


Installed addon packs:

2nd United Combat Wing Fleet
CVW-171 Fleet 4-II
VFA-49 Fleet V and GAC Fleet
2ch General Air Combat (GAC)
Wic Works
4th Aerial Wing "Scorpions"
66th Galm (Legacy)
Kubson's TurboNight Repaints
SOS Brigade Deathliners
Ransom Squadron
CVW-171 Ground Pack


RULES (based on BoH):

No Vulching: Attacking aircraft that are on the ground or landing is not allowed. The only exception is if the target aircraft is firing from the ground.

Dogfighting: While this is a combat server, make sure your opponent agrees to a fight beforehand. If you aren't given permission beforehand, then don't attack.

Civilian Pilots: Firing on unarmed civilian aircraft, even if they are invincible, is a huge no-no. Even in a combat server, we would like to make the environment safe for civilian pilots. The only exception is if the civilian aircraft is participating in an online exercise; if this is the case, then all pilots online must agree to whatever rules are set within the exercise.

Code of Disengagement: The release of three (3) flares fired in rapid concession is a universally-recognized code of disengagement within the English YSFlight community. This code signifies that you do not want to be attacked, or that you want a threatening pilot to disengage. It is allowed to call for a free-fire against pilots who violate this rule, as well as those who abuse the code (i.e. dispense flares, then continue to attack afterwards).


This server is the official hub of the 2nd United Combat Wing, one of a few combat squadrons currently active in YSFlight. While it's public, this server is also our hub for official squadron uses. It is commonplace for us to change the server's map without advance warning, either for training purposes, or just to simply mix things up. On rare occasions, it may be locked to non-members.

2UCW is a squadron of pilots who operate with a mindset similar to that of the Brotherhood of Honor. It's typical to find us occasionally ribbing on each other for fun, especially during sparring and training sessions. As those at BoH once put it: be wary of personal attacks, but do not be alarmed.

If you have any questions or requests, you can contact us at our Discord server!
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~~HawkbitAlpha ("Wedge" of 2UCW)

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Re: 2nd United Combat Wing Server

Post by Vertex3d » Sun Sep 27, 2020 11:16 pm

Thanks Wedge, you're much appreciated! The server's one of the most active ones at this moment...

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