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Sup Everyone: New Server Project

Posted: Wed Nov 27, 2019 6:17 am
by jsu2
hello fellow ys peeps. yes i am new here so dont ask me to make an introduction. if you are triggered by my misuse of grammar, you may leave now. no one is forcing you to read this nonsense. also dont respond with something like "you noob!" or i will be forced to make a meme out of you. anyways:

ys is dead and theres nothing we can do about that. good, we got that at the way even though i hate saying it.

but, people are still making addons which is great because addons are awesome. you get to use them in singleplayer which is fun. but, what about online?!

back to the part where ys is dead! i know, no one flies online, but new players might. so, thats why i want to make a server or a couple of servers if possible.

what will this server have? EVERY addon that is available for download. i already went through the process of renting a dedicated server and getting a domain name. The server should be able to handle multiple copies of YS on different ports. if not, then we go with the first idea and do all the addons on one server. but if possible, i will try to get at least 3 servers up. one server with all addons and a stock map, one with all addons and an addon map, and one completely vanilla server. the dedicated server runs on gigabit internet, an 8 core i9, 1tb ssd and 64gb of ram, so there should be no issue running all of this.

one problem. we need ALL the addons. i dont care if it is archived, old, new, or secret. if you want it on here, it will be on here. i would appreciate all the help and suggestions. honestly i can go through all the links and posts on this site and download them all, but i bet someone already has a build. I paid for a year's subscription on a mega account, so if anyone wants the login info, i will give it to them. if you want, you can spam me or this thread with links (or hateful comments, either works).

if you read all this (or if you just scrolled to the bottom: wow gg mate), then thank you for your time and patience. alright, im out.

Re: Sup Everyone: New Server Project

Posted: Wed Nov 27, 2019 6:41 am
by Luisitoo ... edit#gid=0

This might help you get all the addons from ys (or atleast recorder links)
goodluck on this endeavour jsu :D

Re: Sup Everyone: New Server Project

Posted: Wed Nov 27, 2019 6:59 pm
by jsu2
thanks for this. I will look into downloading these.

for testing latency, all three servers are up. hopefully, it is in a location that should be an equal distance from everyone. the ports are listed alongside the servers' names so it should be newbie friendly and no one should get confused.

I will start downloading the addons. another thing i should mention: loading times and errors. I want these servers to be an enjoyable experience, so I will do my best to make sure there are minimal to no errors. this means, if you see an error that is fixable, we can edit the addons necessary to prevent them. loading times could be an issue. at max, it should take 45 mins to an hour to load on a fully modded server. im not sure if this the case with newer versions of the game. last time i tested this was with the 2013 client. hopefully the 2015 one has improved. this was also with 30 meg internet and low end specs back then. so for most players, loading times shouldn't be as long. but we will have yet to see!

Re: Sup Everyone: New Server Project

Posted: Wed Nov 27, 2019 10:21 pm
by The Teacher
I've never seen a server try to run every mod in existence, but I can't imagine that would be fun to load. It sounds like it would take as long as Kang Fu on the Amiga CD32...

Re: Sup Everyone: New Server Project

Posted: Sat Dec 07, 2019 5:11 pm
by jsu2
so i finally got finished downloading and unpacking each addon on that list. everything on there got installed except a few broken links. CEP 1, Major 1, and at max two others. I included everything in my current build, so major 1 should be in there now.

Re: Sup Everyone: New Server Project

Posted: Wed Sep 30, 2020 7:46 pm
by jsu2
Update: The server should be up and running with addons now. Some of the lsts are disabled temporarily to help with boot errors for OpenYS and logging issues for clients.

Cut due to boot error:


Pause at 90% issue when loading client aircraft:


The following, to reduce take-off errors:

Code: Select all

ac3ys/aircraft/fa32.dat ac3ys/aircraft/fa32.dnm ac3ys/aircraft/fa32coll.srf ac3ys/aircraft/coffin.srf

User/akind/aircraft/ds19.dat User/akind/aircraft/ds19.dnm User/akind/aircraft/ds19_coll.srf User/akind/aircraft/ds19_cp.srf

user/tf58/c172r_stcharles.dat user/tf58/c172r_stcharles.dnm user/tf58/c172cl.srf user/tf58/c172_cockpit_details_kset.srf

Wic_Works/ch-136.dat Wic_Works/ch-136.dnm Wic_Works/ch-136coll.srf Wic_Works/ch-136cock.srf Wic_Works/ch-136coarse.dnm

yswings_pack/sevlor.dat yswings_pack/sevlor.srf yswings_pack/sevlor_coll.srf yswings_pack/sevlor_cock.srf

user/transport/eddie_stobart/eddie_truck1.dat user/transport/eddie_stobart/eddie_truck1.dnm user/transport/eddie_stobart/forwardcoll.srf user/transport/eddie_stobart/forwardcockpit.srf

user/transport/trucks/cartruck1.dat user/transport/trucks/cartruck1.dnm user/transport/trucks/ranger-fecoll.srf

user/transport/trucks/cartruck2.dat user/transport/trucks/cartruck2.dnm user/transport/trucks/ranger-fecoll.srf
user/transport/trucks/cartruck3.dat user/transport/trucks/cartruck3.dnm user/transport/trucks/ranger-fecoll.srf
user/transport/trucks/cartruck4.dat user/transport/trucks/cartruck4.dnm user/transport/trucks/ranger-fecoll.srf
user/transport/trucks/cartruck5.dat user/transport/trucks/cartruck5.dnm user/transport/trucks/ranger-fecoll.srf