Explanation Of File Types (StarGear Tute)

Topics about .dat, .srf, .dnm, .ist, Blender, Gepoly, etc.
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Explanation Of File Types (StarGear Tute)

Post by Iceman » Tue Feb 08, 2011 2:01 am

These tutorials are in no way intellectual property of YSFlight Headquarters. We are merely providing a free translation of the amazing tutorial that Takaty has up on his website. All credit for any information in these tutorials go to Takaty and StarGear.


Explanation Of File Types (StarGear Tutorial Pt.1)
By Takaty of StarGear

Welcome to Part 1. First, I will briefly explain the six files that form the YSFlight aircraft. I will describe it in detail, so that when we actually create the file, you'll be fine if you're familiar with the names and roles of the files.

For the purposes of this tutorial, assume you're working with a B7E7.

".DAT" file
.DAT files define the performance of the aircraft, the cockpit position, and the characteristics of the gear position and other files. This can be modified to fit any aircraft's performance specification you want it to. Because the shape of the body has nothing to do with the DAT file, sometimes passenger aircraft are outfitted with extreme fighter aircraft DATs, and that has become a way to fly passenger planes like fighter jets. Duh...terrible.

".DNM" file
.DNM files are files containing the actual model of the aircraft. Long story short, it's basically a written file of data and components, something like a plastic model kit. Making the body/model itself is the reason why this file exists.

"Coll.srf" file
Coll.SRF file is a file that contains a collision model of the aircraft. See above for an example. Imagine your DNM as a paper model, and that's the COLL file. All collision factors in YS - gun hits, ground strikes and collisions with other aircraft, as well as the fast shadow of your aircraft, is calculated based on this file.

cockpit.srf file and .ist files
cockpit.srf files are files created to show the instruments of an aircraft. It can be used in other more creative ways, but this is its main use. The .ist is a file containing the actual instrument panel layout and function. The contents of the .ist are used as the analog instruments in non-hud equipped aircraft.

"coarse.dnm" file
Coarse files are a less detailed version of the airplane's 3d model. This is seen in ysflight when the option is set to either see lower detail on aircraft or to see automatic detail in ysflight. When set to automatic, ysflight employs the 3d technique known as "model switching" which means the aircraft will change to a less demanding version on your computer when it is far away. A coarse file is not necessary for every aircraft. Essentially, it is the same as the dnm for the model, but simpler.

These are the files that make up our YSFlight aircraft. Please be careful about renaming your files too similarly.

The first tutorial is now over. Next time, I will cover how to make aircraft parts.


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