PHNL-PHKO by night

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PHNL-PHKO by night

Post by DavideV » Thu Jun 23, 2011 9:41 pm

Date: June 23, 2011
Flight: AT008 from Honolulu Intl. to Kona Intl.
Offline Flight.
Aircraft flown: DHC-8 Q400
Duration: 60 minutes

This time I choosed a night flight. I planned the route following this departing procedure at Honolulu and this approach procedure at Kona, so I climbed and made an immediate turn right heading 110 radial and 7,500ft until reaching Lanai VOR, where I turned right heading 119. Then, after a few miles - rougly 48 before the TAMMI intersection, I started discending at 240kn, at an average rate of 500ft/min in order to arrive at the intersection at 1,500 ft, ready for the Final Approach. Then, something happend... I started descending to get 1,100 ft at INECE, but I felt like there was something missing... I didn't see the runway lights, so I checked on the NAV and I realized I forgot to make the last right turn at 159! I started the missed approach procedure (first time!): I climbed and headed to ANDES intersection, then I made a procedure turn and headed to KAYAK, where I finally made the 159 right turn and landed. Too bad the airport isn't properly illuminated, because I'm pretty sure I made a very good landing.

Some turns (expecially those after the missed approach) were very bad, but night flying was challenging and I think I'm going to do it again...

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