MZ177 'Hijacking' Flight Report

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MZ177 'Hijacking' Flight Report

Post by kiwiflieger » Sun Aug 14, 2016 5:25 am

All times in NZST

The Moa Airways aircraft involved, pictured just after the incident.

Today at approximately 1600hrs I took off from KSFO, with intention to conduct a routine flight to KLAX in an Airbus A340-600. I attained a height of approximately 15000 feet before three armed infiltrators attempted to gain access to the then-unlocked cockpit door. The co-pilot and I immediately locked the door in question before taking a pre-defined holding pattern near KSFO and verbally squawking transponder code 7500.
I was soon afterwards intercepted by a single Moa Defence F-14, which then tracked me on missile radar with orders to fire upon authorisation. During that time, the hijackers compromised the cockpit and forced the co-pilot and I to land the aircraft at San Jose airport in south San Francisco. After landing under duress at 1628 and placing the aircraft in isolation under guard, the hijackers made their demands;

To receive a lifetime supply of McDonalds fast food, and to avoid all charges they may incur as a result of hijacking the aircraft.

They also wished to be transported to KSFO to enjoy their McDonalds at the Terminal 3 duty-free outlet.
I ferried the aircraft to KSFO's Terminal 3 and discharged the hijackers (with a small plain-clothes FBI escort) and passengers at approximately 1640hrs. No reports of injury or otherwise were received, and it appears the hijacker's motive for commandeering the aircraft was because they "wanted to die happy, on a cushion of saturated fat." :roll:
The passengers have been compensated for any damages incurred due to the flight's unorthodox nature.

Please note that this incident and this report should be referred to the YSFAA (in triplicate) and the hijackers should be placed on a Code Yellow passenger watchlist. The nationalities given on their ID were all "Sealandian".
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Re: MZ177 'Hijacking' Flight Report

Post by Richard Vo » Sun Aug 14, 2016 4:47 pm

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