Fun little fight.

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Fun little fight.

Post by Shutter » Thu Dec 08, 2011 4:03 pm

Date: Dec 7 2011
Call sign: Flew under SQUIGGLIES or something
Online, Doomsday's server (note the awesome lack of lag)
Aircraft flown: Various
Wingmen/unit:None, 1 vs 1
Start point/Endpoint: None, standard f-16 dogfight with north/south stp's over tohoku, and take offs between each flight.
Opposing forces: VFC-183 Raven and VFC-183 Midnight Rambler at different times. There's also a little while of Raven killing some dude named ninja.
Duration: Reasonably long. Starts out with myself fighting rambler, then me vs. Raven
KIlls/Losses: Heh, I lost.
Weapons and tactics: I won't pretend I did admirably or anything; I'm very rusty and MR and Raven are better dogfighters to begin with. However these fights are a better example of how a fight should go down than what I generally see on servers. You guys should f5 MR and raven to see what they do. Honestly I pretty much got murdered but it was still pretty fun. (quick note: the editing of the replay seems to have broke some things, at least for me--- weapons loads and fuel loads are all wrong.) I have a lot of openings, and generally speaking I've yet to master aiming on this particular stick (it moves a lot differently than my last one) and overall I just have some pretty wonky geometry. I don't really keep a good idea of what my own trajectory looks like through the air; I'm generally just pretty focused on trying to get the other guy, which means I fly aggressively when I ought to be defensive.

Anyways, I'd appreciate any thoughts, and hopefully this helps some of you folks just starting out. There aren't nearly enough of these that get posted, and not enough of the combat community have a legit interest in dogfighting IMO.


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Re: Fun little fight.

Post by Raven » Thu Dec 08, 2011 4:07 pm

I like your flying style, I also did a replay post flight intelligence report for myself.

Your gunnery is fantastic.

Energy management needs work.

Your high point of practice needs to be in plane and out of plane motion, when you need to be in plane, and when you need to be out of plane.
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Re: Fun little fight.

Post by Shutter » Thu Dec 08, 2011 4:13 pm

Yeah, I burn through my energy a bit quick at times, or dump it unnecessarily. To compensate I try to get by mostly by knowing how radial G's work. As for gunnery, I don't think this particular replay showcases that at all; the good head on shots I was scoring a fair bit earlier have been cut out, and I wasn't doing with this stick. I appreciate the comments.

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