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B-52 Carpet bombing

Posted: Fri Dec 09, 2011 9:37 am
by Crazypilot
Date:7th December 2011
Call sign:B-52[1]
Online/Offline Flight?
Ans:Yes,the CVW-171 server it was completely empty.
Aircraft flown:The B-52 from GAC pack(I think)
Wingmen/unit:Three B-52's including mine.Wingmen:highflyer and another person who's name I forgot.
Start point/Endpoint: Honolulu International-1st target range on 171st server-Lihue Terminal
Opposing forces: SAMS,AA Guns,A fleet of destroyers and some buildings but they were not opposing us in anyway.
Duration: 1 hour counting the taxiing and take of time
KIlls/Losses: One B-52[Highflyer]
Weapons and tactics:our tactic was simple,climb to ridiculously high altitude and bomb the entire place flat.Then take out the guns who's guns could not reach us.
Effectiveness:7/10 We were too high to accurately drop bombs so we just carpeted the whole place flat
Other Remarks:A fun bombing run but flying with bombing noobs who rarely hit their target is kind of boring.