acf492 replay - busy Honolulu #1

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acf492 replay - busy Honolulu #1

Post by acf492 » Tue Jun 19, 2012 9:59 am

Date: 18 June 2012
Call sign: n/a
Online/Offline Flight? Offline
Aircraft flown: n/a
Wingmen/unit: B737, A320, B767, U125, B747, B777, A300, U125A, E-2C Hawkeye, T-400, YS-11, Diamond Eclipse, Piper Archer, MU-2, C-130, F-18C Hornet, A-4 Skyhawk
Start point/Endpoint: Honolulu (stock hawaii)
Opposing forces:
Duration: 15-20 mins for each aircraft
KIlls/Losses: n/a
Weapons and tactics: n/a
Other Remarks:

I just found out how to overlap successive flights in offline mode. So I really just had a lot of fun with it, and the result is a very busy airport with many aircraft in the circuit, which you are able to replay.

I figure that if I am a well-behaved pilot, then theoretically many acf492's should get along well in a busy airspace. If im not so great, then they'd crash and be really disorderly. So this is a test run with 17 of me!

And I also wanted to test out the Civ-02 circuit pattern, as my proposed pattern has been challenged as not capable of handling a busy airport. Well, its rather a simple circuit, but this is a demonstration of how a lot of planes could operate at Honolulu in a (mostly) organized fashion. The main airliners fly at a circuit height of 2000ft, so that the small planes can scoot around at 1000ft under the pattern. Military aircraft overfly at 3000ft to approach Wheeler Airbase. This should give some interesting views between planes at different heights.

This isn't intended as a masterpiece of perfection, and it is the first time I have done this. But it is definitely worth watching, especially from the ground at 08L, where the screenshot was taken.

To watch the replay, unzip the file, then in YSFlight, click "load flight" then click "replay". You can also join in on the action by choosing "select airplane" from the drop=down menu. You will only be able to start from the following available startpoints: South100000-05, North10000-05, RW08-1, Carrier_1, Scenic 1 & Scenic 2.


One big lesson I learned about making overlapped replays: create all the flights which land before creating flights that take-off! Otherwise you will have a lot of overshoots.
I'm back.

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