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Aviation Anomalies

Post by Barr » Tue Aug 02, 2016 3:02 am

So following up on u2flys post in the chat here:
I think we need a thread to share any and all incidents we have had with aviation whether scary or funny, personal experience, third person or a tale from a friend or relative. So please share!

So ive had a few nasty encounters at work. 4 times this past year pilots will not be on the correct frequency when landing or taking off. Good thing im a always scanning the sky so i catch them once theyre on final or on the roll. One incindent was a real close call. This one guy literally shut all power off to practice a no power landing. This was a real scary situation as my coworker and I were busy fixing an in pavement light right in the middle of the runway. I randomly look up to check the sky and I see this twin something on a very short final. So we leave all the tools behind and dash for the truck to clear. After he taxis and rolls to the terminal he fires his engines, ofcourse after a few mins of my partner yelling thru the radio, he apologized and acknowledge the errors on his end. Yea sure we still had a few secs to spare and weve made a habit of scanning the area but still no fun seeing an un powered plane less than a quarter mile away on a collision course with you with no advance warning.

Second hairy situation was at another airport. Coworker and I were doing a field inspection midday on a busy day. The airport almost looked like LaGuardia or Atlanta lol, with lines of planes holding on the taxiway. So since it was a busy day we were hoping on and off the runway inbetween takeoffs and landings. We were just clearing off for a twin baron on the roll for takeoff when BAM! a loud pop and a cloud of smoke came out of the twin as it was just taking off. Plane ends up crashing back down on the runway pretty hard, destroys its landing gear and slides into the infield. Luckily for both the pilot and the plane only minor injuries were sustained and the plane is rebuilt and airborne.

One of the coolest things about working at an airport is the oportunity to get up close to aircraft whether in the hangar or watching them takeoff from the side of the runway(youve prob seen my videos). But the cooliest is when the more senior and experienced pilots do low apporaches. Sometimes your out and about minding your business when a helo buzzes your head at 30 to 50 ft above you or when your on the runway and a c130 calls in for a low approach :mrgreen:. Except for the swallows or the hawks, when they get pissed boy of boy...
Oh and lets not forget all the hot rich babes that fly in those big corporate jets! Oh mama :twisted:
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