Addon Theft and Banning Associated with the Theft

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Addon Theft and Banning Associated with the Theft

Post by Welshy » Tue Nov 28, 2017 12:23 pm

Hi All.

It has recently come to the attention of staff that a member called Tactical_Hawk has joined the forum and discord and then asked for assistance in finding addons.

Nothing sounded wrong with this and the member was assisted by myself, Waspe and Turbofan to find that aircraft which they wanted.

It immediately seemed weird due to the fact that they want to get high-quality addon's only and brushed off our recommendations of some of the lower detailed but amazing addons.

It was then brought to my attention via a Discord PM that these aircraft had been converted and posted onto a game called Roblox which allows for the poster to possibly make money from these addons.

Now it is totally unacceptable to take someone else's work and attempt to sell it for either in-game or real currency.

The generally accepted rules for addons on YSFlight is that you may modify and use parts from an addon and release these modified works as long as credit is given (of course modders can require that you don't modify the aircraft in any way).

This theft of addons is something which we take extremely seriously and therefore we have sent a message to the team over at Roblox requesting that these works are taken down immediately due to them not being Tactical_Hawk's work.

Tactical_Hawk has also been permanently banned from both YSFHQ and the HQ Discord.

You are hereby reminded that the theft of addons is a serious offence and you will be banned for such activities. Members hard work should never be passed off as your own and aside from the disrespect that this shows it should also be remembered that this is illegal under copyright law.

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