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Post by K2W » Sun Apr 05, 2020 4:59 pm

Finally, I publish a new WW2 scenery, OKINAWA1945.

75 years ago, Okinawa was the last ground battle field of the WW2 Pacific theater.
From April 1st when 10th U.S. Army landed Okinawa island, untill June 23th when 32nd Japan Army was destroyed,
120 thousand Japanese and 280 thousand U.S. soldiers fighted on the ground.
100 thousand Japanese soldiers, 20 thousand U.S. solders and 100 thousand Japanese civilians were killed in the battle.

Battles was held in skies and ocean surrounding Okinawa islands. Japanese aircrafts departed southern Kyushu island which is at 600km north east of Okinawa and attacked U.S. Naval fleets and convoys with Kamikaze tactics.
U.S. Navy countered to Japanese airstrikes with a lot of AAAs on their warships and a lot of fighter aircrafts operated by radars and supported ground battles by guns of battleships and close air support of naval air service for 3 months.

The scenery simulate the situation of mid April when U.S. started to attack against Japanese 1st difence line on the ground, and Japanese airstrikes got more intense day by days.

Light version, named "OKINAWA1945light", is that almost combat units are eliminated for peaceful flight.

Sceneries set Japanese units as IFF1 and U.S. units as IFF2, which is Japanese YS community's tradition. So, please edit prevflight.dat with your text editor when you want to start from U.S. occupied air fields or aircraft carriers.
YS FLIGHT SIMULATOR Main Window (OpenGL 2.0 _ ES 2.0) 2020_02_04 2_07_58.png
YS FLIGHT SIMULATOR Main Window (OpenGL 2.0 _ ES 2.0) 2020_04_06 1_52_24.png
Please download this scenery from my new website.

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