YSF Blue Angels 2020 Thread

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YSF Blue Angels 2020 Thread

Post by Gordo » Tue Sep 01, 2020 3:33 am

Hello Ladies and gentleman, I am Ice the Commanding Officer, and flight lead of the YSF Blue Angels 2020 Team. I am proud to announce that we are recruiting, please join the discord linked below for more info, and leave a comment here expressing your interest in the position of your choice. First come, First serve.

Available Flying Positions-
Blue Angel 2~
Blue Angel 3~
Blue Angel 4~
Blue Angel 5~
Blue Angel 6~

Fat Albert~

Available Ground/Support Positions-
Media Officer~

Also, here are the benefits/disadvantages for each position

2/3 Wing Pilots- will spend alot of time in formation, BUT will rack up alot of experience.
4 Slot Pilot- will spend alot of time in formation, and is the easiest diamond formation, will get to switch back and forth between the C/D and E/F models.
5/6 Solos- Less formation time, but more coordination with your other solo, and less practice time!?!?
Fat Albert- No Formation time, (with the exception of the occasional flyover), and gets the shortest profile, and gets to take pictures of the display along with the media officer. Will Transition from the C-130J to the C-130T at teh beginning of this winter tranning.

Narrator- MUST have a little prior narrating experience, and gets to skip music
Media Officer- Gets access to all of the team's performance replays, and will get to take both in the pit, and from the ground shots.

I hope we can get a team going by the beginning of next season, with the E/F models, and the new Fat Albert. I want to make this team the best it can be and the closest to the real-deal possible, I have taken into account distance lag etc... And I think that this is very doable, and I hope that we can make it a great show season!

OFFICIAL DISCORD LINK 2020: https://discord.gg/WbAMcPW

Organizer, Co-Host @ YS Military Airshows Association 2021-Present
2nd United Combat Wing "Deathcap"
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