YSFHQ Teamspeak Archive: Scarecrow & Gunny talk airshows and fly-ins (3/29/2014)

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YSFHQ Teamspeak Archive: Scarecrow & Gunny talk airshows and fly-ins (3/29/2014)

Post by HawkbitAlpha » Mon Jul 26, 2021 4:45 am

Recently, I thought of making a thread for releasing a few Teamspeak-era chat recordings that I had caught and archived back in 2014. Now, with our finding out about the passing of Gunny in mind, this feels like a good time to publicly release one of those files in particular. It's a pretty great look at the kind of man he was, and will be remembered as.

I caught this in late March 2014 while recording a video of an aerobatics practice session I was doing, with the YSFHQ Teamspeak on in the background. While that was going on, Scarecrow was telling entertaining stories about some of his airshow experiences. As it goes on, Gunny joins in as well with his own anecdotes. All of this, while Ace Lord, Ray, and I (silently, in my case) listen in. Eventually, that part of the conversation ends, as it veers into some fun discussion about this thread... which has to be seen and heard to be believed.


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