[COMPETITION] Nov 2021: Scaled Composites VTOL

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[COMPETITION] Nov 2021: Scaled Composites VTOL

Post by waspe414 » Mon Nov 22, 2021 3:56 am

The year is 1993. You have been hired as an engineer at Scaled Composites.

Burt Rutan has tasked you with designing a civilian (and optionally military) vertical takeoff and landing aircraft with a capacity of 6 passengers or 1000kg cargo. Designs should feel similar to existing Scaled Composites aircraft to maintain brand identity. Unconventional designs are embraced

Powerplant: any
Range: more than 200nm
Speed: more than 200kt
Cargo capacity: 1000kg or 6 passengers
Service ceiling: more than 20,000ft

The competition will run until January 31st, 2022, followed by a community vote for the winner.

Looking for inspiration? List of Rutan's and Scaled's aircraft
Want to design but are unable to build models? Feel free to team up


YSFlight related requirements
Aircraft should be built to HQPGAC Standard with a face count limit of 5000
Submissions will be compiled into a single download for voting, and should be ready to be packed (.dat, visual, and collision files required, cockpit and coarse files optional)
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