We need to close the versions divide

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We need to close the versions divide

Post by HawkbitAlpha » Fri Jun 03, 2022 5:39 am

Okay, I've held my tongue on this for a while now, but after a discussion that cropped up on VCAP earlier tonight, it's about time that we addressed this one long-standing issue.

For a while now, most of the servers listed here on YSFHQ have operated using the 2015 version, making it the "official" version of choice for all of us. While that's been going on, though, airshows have been hosted using the 2012 version. This has led to a situation where anyone who wants to take part in all the sectors of our community has to go through the hassle of installing at least two separate versions of YS, complete with their own caches of mods. And frankly, speaking as someone who interacts with new players on a somewhat regular basis, I have to say that this is a fairly ridiculous dichotomy.

To cite an example: one of the main things that makes the Roblox aviation (and, let's be real, to a lesser extent, also DCS) community so frustrating to get into is not being "in the know", and having no idea of where to look to find other players and events. The size of our community, with our information being almost wholly concentrated here on YSFHQ, makes us relatively immune to this problem, but the unwritten knowledge that you need to install multiple versions of the game in order to take part is, in my estimation, a similarly irritating roadblock in its own way.

On top of that, if you ask me, the 2012 version is simply better for us to use in general: it's more efficient with framerates, has better use of camera views, and retains enough commonality with 2015 that a community-wide downgrade wouldn't be too jarring. The only issue I could see in a potential switch is having to adapt the various packs with aircraft whose dat files use lines that were added after 2012, and could cause errors. Other than that, I can't see much reason for us to maintain the YSFHQ status quo of using both at once.

I'm strongly considering switching the 2UCW server, including Friday Night Flights, to 2012 full-time by the end of this month, in an effort to try and put an end to this odd schism once and for all. Before that time comes, though, we need to discuss this issue all together. Should we stay, or should we go?

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Re: We need to close the versions divide

Post by Mustang » Sat Jun 04, 2022 2:58 am

I think we should switch to using 2012 for everything mainstream in ys(i.e Combat, Civil Aviation, and Airshows) I barely use 2015 anymore, mostly 2012 and 2018(I use 2018 for screenshots with the realistic smoke because I want my Promotional posters for my airshow acts and just in general epic Screenshots) plus 2012 is the only one where most maps don't cause my game to lag so much it crashes which is handy, while the 2015 and 2018 features are nice they are super buggy. having a split in the versions of ys for separate things is stupid In my opinion in terms of being active in the different parts of the community.

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Re: We need to close the versions divide

Post by decaff_42 » Sat Jun 04, 2022 11:06 pm

1) Going to anything pre-2015 netcode will eliminate all Mac users from joining the server. Anything 2014 or older will require an Operating system more than a decade old. 2015 isnt that much better but you can run it on operating systems that at least came out in the last 6-ish years.

2) 2015 has colored and multi-smoke point support

3) 2015 has fun post-stall maneuverability

4) a lot of maps released recently rely on 2015 features like textured terrain (see all of K2W's work)
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