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[YS Science] Weapon data

Post by waspe414 » Thu Aug 25, 2022 1:54 am

Gun: default 1, specified in .dat for fixed guns
AIM9: 12
AIM9X: 12
AIM120: 12
AGM: 12
Rocket: 10
B250: 35
B500: 50
B500HD: 35
Flare: 0
Fueltank: damage = fuel units / 80
Collisions: multiples of 12, but varies wildly, probably a function of multiple frames where collision is occurring

Gun: default 3000m, specified in .dat for turrets
AIM9: 5000m
AIM9X: 5000m
AIM120: 30,000m
AGM: 5000m
Rocket: 10000m
Flare: 1000m

Gun: 1700m/s
AIM9: 1020m/s
AIM9X: 1020m/s
AIM120: 1360m/s
AGM: 340m/s
Rocket: 800m/s
Flare: specified in .dat, default 0m/s

Player-launched weapon speeds over distance:

Surface to air weapon speeds:
All weapons launched with the SAM mechanism (MSSLTYPE variable) follow the same acceleration curve, peaking at 1020m/s. All weapons launched with the turret mechanism (TURRETWP 0 variable) follow the same curve to 800m/s. All turret-launched weapons have a max range of 20km (and setting higher will cause it to not fire at all)

Gun: ammo has 0 weight
AIM9: 90.0kg (198.4lb)
AIM9X: 0.0kg (0.0lb) 2015ver and before, 90.0kg (198.4lb) 2018ver
AIM120: 150.0kg (330.7lb)
AGM65: 300.0kg (661.4lb)
Rocket: 10.0kg (22.0lb) per rocket, empty pod is weightless
B250: 120.0kg (264.5lb)
B500: 249.5kg (550.0lb)
B500HD: 249.5kg (550.0lb)
Flare pod: 150.0kg (330.7lb) full or empty
Fuel: 150.0kg (330.7lb) empty, 1.0kg per unit fuel
Smoke: 100.0kg (220.5lb)

Damage radius
Damage reduces linearly as a function of distance from the explosion
(general form: damage taken = total damage - total damage / blast radius * range)
B250: 79m (260ft), [d = 35 - 0.44*r]
B500: 122m (400ft), [d = 50 - 0.41*r]
Flare: does no damage
Fuel: no damage beyond r = units/33.6, [d = u/80 - 0.42*r]

Fusing radius
How far from the object center it will explode
AIM9: 18.0m
AIM9X: 23.0m
AIM120: 25.0m
AGM65: 0.0m (will not explode except on direct hit)
Rocket: 0.0m

Turn rate and seeker cone radius
AIM9: 90deg/s, 30deg
AIM9X: 80deg/s, 30deg
AIM120: 55deg/s, 30deg
AGM65: 90deg/s, 20deg
Ground launched, SAM mode, all missiles: 180deg/s, 30deg
Ground launched, turret mode, all missiles: 90deg/s, 45deg

Weapon IDs
Gun: 0
AIM9: 1
AIM9X: 10
AIM120: 6
AGM: 2
Rocket: 4
B250: 7
B500: 3
B500HD: 9
Flare: 5
Fueltank: 12
There is no ID 11
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