[YS Science] HTRADIUS and render distance

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[YS Science] HTRADIUS and render distance

Post by waspe414 » Thu Aug 25, 2022 2:19 am

HTRADIUS defines the distance from an object center within which collisions are calculated. It also affects render range
YS will load the primary visual file within 21x the HTRADIUS. Outside of 21x HTRADIUS it switches to the coarse file, which renders to 730x HTRADIUS
For an aircraft with a 10m HTRADIUS, it will render the visual file within 210m, and the coarse file to 7.3km

Ground object files render from, at maximum, 18km, which corresponds to a coarse HTRADIUS of 25m, or a full detail HTRADIUS of 850m. Accordingly, large ground objects should be low detail to prevent excessive render cost. It's possible to overlay two objects, one for collisions with a high HTRADIUS, and one for visual detail with a low HTRADIUS
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