Classic Virtual Airlines of YSFlight

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Classic Virtual Airlines of YSFlight

Post by lorDuckFeet »

Various Virtual Airlines from a couple of years ago. Official information from the official website. Copyright to their respective authors.
Any old VA experience or information to share?
Never forget the Virtual Airlines of YSFlight

YGL Corporation

About YGL Corporation is a fictional parent company which manages the operations of three virtual airlines based on the YS Flight Simulator, which you can find at The three virtual carriers are Trans Hawaiian International (THI), Trans Hawaiian International Commuter (THI Commuter) and Stellar Airways, a low-cost charter airline. All three airlines operate independently but in conjunction with each other to provide passengers seamless connections at each of the hubs in the regions of Tohoku, Guam/Saipan, Hawaii and the United Kingdom. News YGL Corp. recently announced the acquisition of Virtual Northwest Airlines (VNWA), also based on the YS Pilots forum. The acquisition will result in additional aircraft for THI, and will also result the routes in Taiwan served by VNWA being added to both, THI and THI Commuter's operations. In the immediate future however, normal operations of VNWA are expected to continue.
Credits: © 2007 Dustin Sneath/YSATC Group. History Back on the YSTK forum two members Arnie and Cruising (now known as Jetliner) decided to start a little civil group called “YSTK Global” or YGL, this occurred early in 2002. Skyline came and offered his assistance since both members were not very experienced at moderating and helped them both tremendously in getting the group off the ground and operating. YSTK Global was basically a group where pilots flew everything and anything that had to do with civilian flying from small general aviation planes to large airliners.
The group was split up to where Arnie was in charge of recreational and general flying and Cruising was in charge of the commercial airliner flying with Skyline overseeing everything and helping both of them. Soon Arnie had to leave, this left the recreational section open. Skyline took up the responsibility of handling the recreational flying section. Skyline worked very hard on the group but sadly the recreational side was not showing enough interest, Skyline then decided to close that group and that just left Cruising.
Basically this only left Cruising and his section around so he decided to turn the group into a virtual airline. Skyline still decided to stick with the group even though he decided to close his section. Obviously you can’t have a virtual airline without planes, so over the course of many months Cruising and Skyline had people submit ideas for a livery and logo eventually Skyline’s was chosen “YS Global Lines.” It was decided that Cruising would paint the base coat for the planes and Skyline would add the titles and logos. Despite Skyline’s best efforts he was unable to add the logos to the planes, so the planes were colored all white from the base coat.
After some time Turbofan came in summer 2002 and Cruising appointed him as COO, he really helped to give YSTK Global Lines that virtual airline atmosphere through developing extensive route networks and setting up a system for “flight logs.” Although the route networks were favorably accepted, most members were not too keen on being required to file flight logs. After some discussion between YSTK Global and its members, the administration decided to make the airline more flexible with regards to its policies. This decision was key in the continued operations of YSTK Global as pilots were quite happy with this change in policy. YSTK Global was restructured, and at the same time, several new policies were also implemented for the first time in its history.
After the restructuring everything went well and YSTK Global was operating as an efficient group. The livery underwent a change from an all-white base paint to a blue on the top half of the fuselage, for the passenger jets. At the same time, a cargo line was launched, with YSTK red on the top half of the fuselage, mirroring the passenger line’s blue. More aircraft were added as well, including the Airbus 340-600 and the Dash 8-Q200. The cargo line was later dropped though due to little interest in flying its planes.
In 2004, server vulching became a major issue, and at the same time, tourneys for those interested in air combat were started. This led to the implementation of new rules for server flying.
A major fleet change came about in 2005 with the introduction of the 320 family of narrow-bodied airliners by forum member Owl. The 320 and 321 were added to supplement the existing fleet of mainly widebody jets, including the Airbus 310-300, the 747-100B and the 346. Turbofan implemented a new route guide as well for all regions of operation, with aircraft assignments for all frequencies and routes.
Some time late in 2005 the forums underwent a new change and YSTK Global was also affected partially because of this change. The new forums had switched website host and changed its name to “YSPilots,” due to this new forum change YSTK Global would change it’s name to “YSPilots Global” respectively.
More changes came about in 2006, when YSPilots Global was transformed into a parent company known as “YSPilots Global Corporation (YGL Corp.)” with headquarters in Honolulu, and two main airlines were created: Global and Regional. Global now had an all-mainliner all-jet fleet which included the 741B, the 330-300 from Shin, Owl’s 757-300 which replaced the 310’s and also his 321-200, which was added later on. Regional had a mix of the CRJ 200ER and the Dash 8-Q400. The U.K. map was also adde== Future Plans == The YSATC Group has issued several directives regarding the future of YGL. Beginning March 1, 2008, YGL will move to increase membership through a series of initiatives including the reduction or removal of several membership requirements. All pilots who have been active members for a period of at least 1 year prior to March 1 will also be rewarded with positions on the YSATC Board of Directors. Trans Hawaiian International Trans-Hawaiian International is currently the largest VA in YS Flight, operating 33 daily flights across 7 routes within the Megadodo/Hawaii region. All operations are conducted in large, comforatble aircraft, and flights are operated by the best pilots in the business.

Airbus 320-200
Airbus 321-200
Boeing 757-300
McDonnell Douglas MD-11
Airbus 330-300
Boeing 747-100B THI Commuter Commuter, THI's little brother of sorts, is a regional airline operating 23 flights in the Hawaii region. Commuter uses more flexible routes in exchange for slightly smaller aircraft

Beechcraft Super Kingair 200 (For Oahu and Guam island tours only)
Bombardier CRJ 200ER
Bombardier Dash 8-Q400
Airbus 318-100 Stellar Airways Stellar is a charter-only airline dedicated to providing top-tier services, while operating only the routes our customers truly demand.

Boeing B737-500
Boeing B757-200 Saloha Airlines

About We fly flights around Hawaii, either charter or personal. Our fleet mainly consists of classic airplanes.
The Airline was founded by ETNU and Falkenwut in early 2007. The response was good and Saloha grew fast. Just in the first 6 days since the beginning the first 100 Flights were done and the number of flights is still growing fast. Due to the bad logging of other YS Airlines it can only be estimated that Saloha is the most active YSFlight Airline at the moment.
The first plane and flagship of Saloha, the Tupolev Tu-154M is still the most popular plane in the Fleet. Six months after it's first flight in Saloha colors it flew over 125 Flighthours and it is the 4th most online used plane (according to the YS Servers Website).
© 2007-2009 Saloha Airlines Fleet Tupolev Tu-154M
Short/Midrange Airliner
Used for routes between Islands
Old Shortrange Propliner
Used for regional routes
Used for regional routes
Cessna 182
Small Propplane
Used for pilot training
Canadair Regional Jet 200
Regional Jet for executive flights
Regional Prop Airliner for short routes
DH82 Tigermoth
Vintage Propplane for scenic flights
Coming Soon - Airbus A320
Midrange Airliner for the MSFS Fleet Photos Image
Image Virtual Northwest Airlines

About We are a virtual airline based on the operations of Northwest Airlines and its regional affiliates. At Northwest Airlines you can fly their routes (some) and aircraft in YSFlight Simulator. We are part of the, which is one of the largest and growing YS community in the world. Copyright 2007 Jimmy News This Months Travel Destination: Japan
With 6 top destinations in southern Japan, Virtual Northwest Airlines is ready to take you and your family to a place which will take your breath away. Now offering low price packages starting from $1,299.
10/22/07 vNWA is now closed, however, website will still be up and plane pack still in the downloads section.
06/15/07 vNWA will be merging with Trans Hawaiian International.
01/05/07 Mh3w has released the full vNWA pack. Some new planes are the DC-10, A330, and CRJ-200.
08/10/06 Mh3w has painted the 747-400 in vNWA's new livery. Also, Hotelfox and Bluebox has helped fix the landing gears on the 747 so it is now more realistic.
07/07/06 vNWA 757-200 and 300 now included in the vNWA pack. Fleet Boeing 7E7
The Boeing 787 Dreamliner is a mid-sized wide body, twin engined passenger airliner currently under development by Boeing's Commercial Airplanes Unit and scheduled to enter service in May 2008. It will carry between 210 and 330 passengers depending on the seating configuration, and will be more fuel effcient than comparable earlier airliners. It will also be the first major airliner to use composite material for most of its construction.
Boeing 757
The 757-200 is the definitive version and forms the majority of 757s sold. It shares its fuselage cross section with the smaller 727 and 737. Boeing positioned the plane above the 737 and as an eventual replacement for the 727.

The 757-300 is a 23.4 ft stretched version of the -200, that first flew in August 1998. The 757-300 has the capacity to seat 289 passengers in a 29" pitch one class cabin, though the highest configuration in airline service is 280 seats
Boeing 747
The 747-400 is the latest model of the 747 and the only series still in production. It is offered in several versions discussed on the main page article. It added 6 ft (1.8 m) wing tip extensions and 6 ft (1.8 m) winglets, tail fuel tanks, revised engines, an all-new interior, and an all-new glass cockpit which dispensed with the need for a flight engineer.

The 747-200 is used for international routes. Range 5875-7125 miles. Cruising speed is 558 mph. Seating capacity is 353 seats with World Business class and Coach class.
Airbus 340
One of two initial versions of the A340, the A340-200, with 261 passengers in a three-class cabin layout has a range of 7,450 nautical miles (13,000 km). The plane's range was one of the longest of the time and it was intended to open long and thin routes, especially over water.
Airbus 330
The A330-200 was developed to compete with the Beoing 767-300ER . The A330-200 is similar to the A340-200 or a shortened version of the A330-300. With poor sales of the A340-200 (of which only 28 were built), Airbus decided to use the fuselage of the A340-200 with the wings and engines of the A330-300. This significantly improved the economics of the plane and made the model more popular than the four-engined variant.
Airbus 321
The A321-200 has extra fuel capacity bringing the range with 186 passengers up to about 3,000 nautical miles (5,500 km). The A321-200 is powered by two CFM56-5 or IAE V2500 engines with a thrust rating of about 33,000 pounds force (147 kN).
Airbus 320
The A319 is used for domestic services inside the United States. Curising speed is 525 mph, seats 124 in First class and Coach class. Range is 2500 miles.
Airbus 319
The A319 is used for domestic services inside the United States. Curising speed is 525 mph, seats 124 in First class and Coach class. Range is 2500 miles.
Airbus 318
The A318 has a passenger capacity of 109 in a two-class configuration. It is intended to replace early Beoing 737 and DC-9 models, though it is also a rival to the 737-600. Boeing also offered their 717 aircraft as a competitor, although it was suitable primarily for regional routes and did not have the A318's range capabilities.
The DC-10 is used on international routes, mostly to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport in Netherlands. Cruising speed in 550 mph, seats 273 in World Business class and Coach class. Range is 5575-6125 miles.
The Bombardier Canadair Regional Jet (CRJ) is a regional airliner manufactured by Bombardier based on the Canadair Challenger business jet. The design was known originally as the Canadair CL-600-2B19 prior to Canadair's acquisition. VIRTUAL AIRLINES LIST ACTIVE / CEASED OPERATIONS

National and Commuter Airlines VA
Penguin Airways Virtual Airline
Fast Airways Virtual Airline
Hawaiian Airways Virtual Airline
Honey Virtual Airline
Abel Jets VA
Oceanic Airlines Virtual Airline
Air Terranean Virtual Airline
Air Colibri Horizons Virtual Airline
Red Hawk Airways
Atlantic Airlines Virtual Airlines
Trans Brazilian Airways VA
Royal Regional Airlines VA
Brazilian Express VA
Malaysia Airlines System VA
Pilipino Airlines Virtual VA
ExpressBlue VA
Intercontinental Airways VA
VirtoAir VA
Saloha Airlines
Echelon Airlines Incorporated VA
E-fair Virtual Airline
Passanger Airlines Association VA
YS Gliders Club
YGL YSFlight Global Airlines
Virtual Northwest Airlines
West Wind Airlines VA
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Re: Classic Virtual Airlines of YSFlight

Post by NajmiCreative »

um...Lucas,actually the Malaysia Airlines System will be change it's name to Malaysia Virtual Airliners soon as it will be added with Air Asia,Raya Airways and Malindo Air....

EDIT=you forget to add Penguin Airways VA and Abel Jets VA...
EDIT 2.0= Abel Jets VA link =
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Re: Classic Virtual Airlines of YSFlight

Post by CrazyJoystick »

How do I join a VA?
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Re: Classic Virtual Airlines of YSFlight

Post by David »

CrazyJoystick wrote:How do I join a VA?
Quite simple actually. Go to the website of the VIrtual Airline you are intersted in. The joining process for each airline will be different. Most require you to fill out a joining form, sign up to a phpvms site or even just contact the CEO by PM on YSFHQ.
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Re: Classic Virtual Airlines of YSFlight

Post by Doggeh1 »

This is interesting!
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Re: Classic Virtual Airlines of YSFlight

Post by Skipper »

I'm doing some reviving of the dead, and for that I apologise, but for archive's sake!
I flew with Saloha back in the day, with ETNU (we did loads of random stuff together....), and I also painted some of their aircraft, I think it was the DC-3, and tigermoth?
Before that (I think 2005-2006 ish) I was in YGL, and helped with their website at one point in time. Cannot remember what I did on it, but I've attached their website, which was dated 20/10/2006 on my drive.
Just something for the history books.
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Re: Classic Virtual Airlines of YSFlight

Post by YSFan »

Side note about E-Fair: I took it over around 2016 and it had a bit of activity around the same period that didn't last too long. Right now, I'm modding some new planes for a new fleet pack, so yeah, expect new stuff from E-Fair soon.
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