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Military Server

Post by Foxhound31 »

Based on the feedback on the carrier ops on the last post, we will be making our own server. So if you don't want us on WV, we will be setting up another server. Problem solved. (The IP and such stuff will not be disclosed any time soon, so whenever it is ready for public use, we will be revealing it) So yea, no more ops on VW, problem solved. Also the carrier ops never actually hapened. They were delayed bc of life, and schoolwork etc, so yea. Peace out.
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Re: Military Server

Post by FlankerE102 »

Nobody said we wanted you 'off the server.' Thing is, you 1) threatened to violate VW rules by firing without warning, and 2) you honestly don't have the manpower or skills to effectively back up what you said. Heck, I gave you a run for your money in an F-15. No offense, but you can't say things like 'will be shot down without warning' to pilots who can down you down repeatedly. All said…A dedicated USAF server sounds good. Might look for one for VF-66.
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