USAF changes

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USAF changes

Post by Foxhound31 »

There are going to be many changes to the USAF. If you don't care, then I'd recommend not reading this and clicking out and doing something useful. If you want to read it, go ahead and do so:

The USAF will be renamed to Combat Squadron Eagle or CSE for short. Second, all wings in CSE will be removed and remade completely. We will be going from being a full on squadron and force to basically "special ops" just without the elite stuff, because our pilots are inactive as sh*t. This means that we will not be restricting ourselves to US aircraft, and will expand to include Swedish, French, and Russian aircraft. This allows for more flexibility. Also as always we are recruiting and if you are actually active, and can understand basic English, pop into my PMs and i'll send you a discord invite to the recruitment server. We will be doing more variety of missions, like air combat, taking out important people, bombing strategic points, and other stuff, basically what we did before, but amplified a bit. That's all, just wanted to avoid any possible confusion with the sudden appearance of "CSE".
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