[MISC] Hawk's YS Mod Repair Pack

i.e. cars, trucks, trains, flying shampoo bottles, etc.
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[MISC] Hawk's YS Mod Repair Pack

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A while back, I made a thread dedicated to documenting known errors with YS mods. I've decided that, instead of just writing them all down, it would be even better to make a new pack dedicated to fixing them. This includes removing errors by editing LSTs, removing problematic lines and comments from files, and more. That way, we have a go-to source for easily removing common errors that are caused by incorrect mod creation and/or packaging.

Important to note is that this is not a standalone pack. You will need to download the original packs in order to apply their fixes. Without them, you'll only be creating LSTs that point to nothing, and lots of errors along with it. I've subdivided this bundle into both individual packs, and an "all-in-one" option that you can use if you've already installed every mod that's being patched.

Right now, I've only added a handful of minor patches to this pack, but that list will no doubt grow much larger as I work my way through putting together a whole new YS build. If you have other error-inducing mods that you want added, or there's fixes that I've missed, be sure to let me know.



LIST OF FIXES (as of 5/15/2024):

2chmap - Removed empty spacing in scenery LST.
MajorPack 1 - Removed lines from scenery LST for missing maps NEWTA_AIRBASE_2, NAHA_AIRBASE_2, NAHA_AIRBASE_3, Iwojima, Yangshuo, and Guilin.
MajorPack 2 - Renamed Su-22_Libya.dat (mismatched with internal aircraft name) to Su-22_GDR.dat in order to resolve LST error. Removed empty spacing in scenery LST.
Mh3w Scenery Pack A - Removed empty spacing in scenery LST.
Welsh Addons Hangar - Removed empty spacing in Swansea scenery LST.

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