A Map Editing Question

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A Map Editing Question

Post by FlankerE102 »

Okay, so I was adding some ships to Scarecrow's Hawaii map (with permission, of course) and encountered three problems:

1. The ships don't show up when I go into YSF and try to use the map, but when I check the FLD they are there. Same problem with start positions. (Speaking of start positions, how do I get them on the deck of the carrier?)

2. How do I reorient the ships again? I know this is a stupid question, but I'm already here and might as well ask anyways.

3. So, one of the carriers literally disappeared. I mean it. I add it to the FLD, save the file, come back a little later, open file, and it is gone. Marker is still there, but no carrier.

Any help would be appreciated as I have no clue what I am doing.
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Re: A Map Editing Question

Post by waspe414 »

I work in Scenedit2009, so some of the menu paths may be incorrect for 2018.

1: Either the ships aren't installed in the YS build you're running, or the version of the map you're running ingame isn't the most up to date. Make sure you overwrite your YS version of the map with the correct edited version of the map. (Give your carrier a tag (in Ground Object > Modify, I think). Open start position control dialog, and in the carrier dropdown, select the correct carrier by tag)

2: Select > Select Item, pick your object, Edit > Rotate Current Item

3: If an object isn't showing up in Scenedit, then it is not installed in the YS version Scenedit is referencing. You can point to a dedicated YS installation (my standard practice) or to your main YS version in Option > Option
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